MecheleAnnaJewlery…Art Inspired Jewelry!

Shop owner Mechele Anna of MecheleAnnaJewelry on Etsy loves to spend her time designing jewelry, painting and saving dogs in the process! Her shop which is out of New Jersey features a beautiful variety of rings and necklaces each with a uniquely beautiful design!
Mechele describes her inspiration behind her shop- “I live for jewelry, painting, creating. I also LOVE animals & have been a passionate dog rescuer for 10 years. I truly believe that we all make a difference. I walk dogs at my local shelter & help pets get adopted. It’s what inspires me…and my jewelry”. Mechele spends much of her free time doing large dog rescue work, and a portion of her sales go to help large dogs like Mastiffs, Rottis, and Great Danes.

The silver necklace featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites from MecheleAnnaJewelery! It features a fine silver disk with an abstract modern design and is interspersed with high quality diamond clear cubic zirconias. It would make a beautiful accent to an outfit or a unique, special gift!

For MecheleAnnaJewelry it all starts with love. Love of design, love of painting and love of rescue dogs! Feel free to explore some of MecheleAnna’s jewelry creations here-


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