Heathertique on Etsy…Vintage Chic Pieces for Your Home and Wardrobe!

Heathertique on Etsy shows their love for salvaged goods by bringing you a collection of hand picked vintage chic pieces for your home and wardrobe! Shop owner Heather Steyn became a curator of vintage chic early on. The origins of her infatuation were cleverly woven into her roots. She is the third generation from a southern Virginian family of entrepreneurs that embraces salvaged commodities in their business plans. Early on, she learned that vintage can do no wrong, She still support this theory especially when it comes to home decor and design!

Heathertique’s design philosophy believes your space should include objects with character; a distinction – something with a story! Heathertique’s inventory is collected by searching platforms ranging from estate sales to thrift stores and consignment shops. Located in South Florida and having the means to travel worldwide to handpick these unique pieces to you; Heathertique’s goal is stocking character to design your atmosphere. She loves the fact that vintage is sustainable to the environment and that’s a great thing!

One of my favorite vintage finds from Heathertique is the Vintage Luggage Stacking Suitcases featured in the photograph here! I adore these because they are a charismatic set of true rustic mid century suitcases. These would be great for home decor, storage, events, or even media props. The colors are a pleasing palette of blue, brown, and black with multiple textiles including leather and brass metals. I would love this set as a cute nightstand beside my bed!

Feel free to browse some of Heathertique’s vintage finds here- https://www.etsy.com/shop/Heathertique


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