MyWhittleShop on Etsy…Rustic, Outdoorsy and Truly Unique Pieces!

MyWhittleShop on Etsy offers affordable, one of a kind, hand crafted necklaces that make for perfect gifts. MyWhittleShop’s handmade crafts possess a rustic, outdoorsy and natural touch! Shop owner Jeff Whitsitt from Fort Wayne, IN loves to spend his free time carving and making beautiful handmade wooden crafts. He showcases his hand carved crafts as unique pendants that can be hung on the cord of your choice.
The traditional heart shaped basswood pendant featured in the photograph here is one of my personal favorites. The pendant is sanded smooth to the touch, and stained in a vibrant red gunstock color to bring out the natural definition of the grain. It is threaded with 2mm waxed cotton, measured to 30 inches in length. The cord is fixed to two beads enabling you to adjust it to your desired length.  You may also upgrade to a premium black or brown leather lace.  Other pendants in MyWhittleShop include crosses, stars, ovals, doughnuts and peg shapes!

Feel free to explore MyWhittleShop on Etsy here!


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