SequinShop…The Possibilities are Endless!

SequinShop on Etsy offers a variety of speciality sequins, sparkling stars, square sequins, flat sequins and cupped sequins! All of SequinShops sequins are made in the UK. At the Sequin Shop the motto is that you can make anything fabulous with a little patience, a little hard work, and a lot of sparkles! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination 🙂

Some of my favorite sequins from SequinShop are the *glow in the dark* star-shaped sequins featured in the photograph here! These are a super-fun product with endless possibilities! Use them to design and make your own glow in the dark costume or sprinkle them on a table for a spooky surprise at any Halloween party!  Sold in a 4 gram pack, there are approximately 1000 sequins per bag! These will glow for up to 1 hour after being exposed to natural or home lighting.

Feel free to explore the SequinShop here!


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