Lettherebelife …Urban, Architecture, Beach and Nature Photography!

Lettherebelife on Etsy is a fine art photography shop offering landscape, architectural, nature, beach, urban street art photography and much, much more! Shop owner, Karen Yeung, located in Sydney, Australia looks for inspiration all around her and loves to capture special moments and scenes on film. She shoots documentary style and develops all her photographs in a darkroom. Lettherebelife’s creative motto is ‘breathing life onto walls’! Karen is passionate about photography and interiors. She loves helping and inspiring people to enjoy photographs as wall art prints in their homes or offices, not just galleries. She shoots all her film with her beloved film camera!

One of my personal favorites from Lettherebelife is the scene featured in the photograph here. This art print is a double exposure surreal photograph of tropical palm trees superimposed with Chinese lanterns. This is a strikingly beautiful Asian themed black and white abstract print. This unique and creative wall art print is perfect for the home or office particularly if you are looking to create a unique Asian and tropical look! This Chinese lantern photograph comes in many sizes ranging from 4″ by 6″ to 20″ by 30″.

All Lettherebelifes’s prints are printed on premium quality semi-matted photo paper and are inspected carefully before delivery. Your surreal wall art print will be shipped in sturdy, moisture-resistant packaging and sent via Australia Post.  Even better Lettherebelife offers a flat rate shipping of 10 AUS worldwide!

Feel free to browse some of Lettherebelife’s photographs here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Lettherebelife

You can also check out her instagram here! @lettherebelifephoto

And pinterest! http://www.pinterest.com/lettherebelife


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