WhiddensWoodshop on Etsy…Stylish and stately hand-turned wood pens for every signature, sketch, and scribble!

WhiddensWoodshop on Etsy offers fine, handcrafted wood items including ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens and whiskey barrel keychains! John Shatney, owner, designer, and creator of WhiddensWoodshop on Etsy is carrying on his family legacy of woodworking in Brookhaven, PA. His great grandfather, Stephen Ernest Whidden, was a carpenter who ran a carpentry shop on the North East corner of Broad Street and Lincoln Terrace in Peekskill, New York back in the 1920s. His grandfather, Ernest Richard Whidden, built airplanes for a living, but also in his spare time enjoyed carpentry. Inspired by their legacy, John decided in 2014 to begin learning about woodworking and purchased a lathe to begin crafting projects such as pens, keychains, winestoppers, and bowls. He is becoming a master in his skill and aims to produce both functional wooden pieces and fine art!
One of my personal favorites from WhiddensWoodshop is the Whiskey Barrel Rollerball Pen featured in the photograph here! With 24kt gold plating, this pen gives off a rich and luxurious look. Built for beauty and durability, this pen includes a balanced style and design. This pen would make a special gift for a Whiskey lover because the pen blank was made from an authentic Jack Daniels charred Tiger Oak whiskey barrel used for aging Old No. 7 whiskey! This pen even comes with its own certificate of authenticity.
Father’s day is just around the corner! Shopping for dad doesn’t have to be difficult this year. A beautifully crafted pen from WhiddensWoodshop would make a special gift. Better yet they are offering 15% off all orders of $20 more until Fathers Day! Use code FATHERS15

Feel free to explore WhiddensWoodshop here- https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiddensWoodshop
Visit WhiddensWoodshop on Facebook: http://facebook.whiddenswoodshop.com


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