Do you know..WhatIsInTheBox?

Shop owner Jack Gaston from Little Rock, Arkansas, is a young entrepreneur who is excited to launch his laser crafting business on Etsy called WhatIsInTheBox! Using a precise laser cutting/engraving machine, Jack loves the process of bringing patterns and ideas from his imagination to the marketplace. WhatIsInTheBox on Etsy offers a variety of different wood crafts including unique light cubes, intricate jewelry boxes, and music boxes. The music boxes feature intricately carved designs and hand crank music mechanisms that are ready to play a variety of old time classics and lullabies.
One of my personal favorites from WhatIsInTheBox is the Pink LED Light Cube featured in the photo here! It is an intricately laser cut wood mini lantern beautifully crafted from 3mm birch plywood, with a laser cut damask pattern on each of the five sides of the 2.5″ cube. The Ultra Bright battery powered LED projects the colorful Pink patterns! Each cube face is laser cut, stained, sealed and enhanced with a square of Pink vellum to project a soothing night light effect. I love the fact that due to laser burn effects, wood grain and staining variations, each crafted light cube is entirely unique! This cube would make a colorful addition to any bedroom nightstand and would also make a great, unique gift idea!

Check out WhatIsInTheBox here!


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