MittenMadeWoodcrafts…Products using Reclaimed and Sustainable Woods!

Renee and Cody Darrow in Grand Rapids, MI are a team and couple that have been together for over 10 years! They wanted to combine their love of their state with their love of traveling, creativity, and woodworking to create products using reclaimed and sustainable woods. Having each come from families with professions in the woodworking industry, wood crafting and construction have always been a large part of each of their lives. What better way to spend more time together doing what they each love than to craft and share their creations with the world through their Etsy Shop MittenMadeWoodcrafts! Renee and Cody do their best to use only recycled or super eco-friendly woods in their products! These include reclaimed pine, oak, cherry, walnut and also recently bamboo. They want their creations to help make the world a more beautiful place to be!

One of my personal favorites from MittenMadeWoodcrafts is their Oblong Rustic Wood World Wall Map. This beautiful piece is made from reclaimed, rustic wood which was sanded, stained in dark walnut, then intricately carved. It would make the perfect travel memorabilia wall art!

Having had their grand shop opening only a few weeks ago on Etsy, MittenMadeWoodcrafts has already gained some wonderful customer feedback and established a 5 star Etsy rating!

Browse some of MittenMadeWoodcrafts creations here!


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