OceanBouey…Greeting Cards with Aloha!

OceanBouey is a native Hawaiian owned and operated business operating out of Hawaii since 2007. The shop has recently expanded into the online marketplace through Etsy offering beautifully printed greeting cards featuring the works of a variety of different artists!
One of my personal favorite greeting cards from OceanBouey is a beautiful print titled ‘Doris Duke’s @ Cromwell’s Beach’. The beautiful landscape print features the work of a Native Hawaiian artist named Bobbie Kennedy. Bobbie Kennedy first began her introduction into the Arts at the Scared Hearts Academy. In 1976 through 1977, she exhibited and sold her collages and acrylic paintings at the Honolulu Zoo. From 2007 to the present, Bobbie studies under the tutorship of her inspiration, Joe Hau`oli Dowson, Sr., a Maoli Arts Awards recipient. Bobbie’s genuine passion for painting inspires her to create landscapes, nature scenes and even abstracts. I love the tranquility and calm nature of this particular piece. Bobbie captured a moment in time I would love to have seen for myself!

Feel free to browse some of OceanBouey’s greeting cards here!


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