DymondCreations on Etsy…Positive Energy Generators that are Made With Love

DymondCreations on Etsy!  Here you can find not only beautiful but also very effective functional pieces that will positively enhance your environment and the energy field of those around you! I myself have recently gained an interest in the beautiful and mystical power of crystals and the strong ‘energy medicine’ properties some crystals can carry. Shop owner Elizaveta Nemtinova-Dymond desires to create art that is beautiful and modern while also being a wonderful generator of Divine Energy. Dymond aims to create art pieces that are “very powerful positive energy generators that will protect you from harmful EMF frequencies, while balancing the chakras and harmonizing your energy field providing a grounded, clear thinking, positive energy space around you at all times”.
One of my personal favorite pieces from DymondCreations is one of her wire wrapped Orgonite pendants called “The Bird of Luck” with Aventurine. I love the fact that this piece contains Aventurine crystals. This crystal is known as a “Stone of Opportunity,” thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in games of chance. The crystals were cleared in ocean water in Miami, Florida, charged in the light of Sun on March 20th (when 3 celestial events happened at once: Solar Eclipse, Supermoon and Spring Equinox). This combination of mystical events charged the crystals with strong positive energy that will be dispersed into the environment and energy field of the wearer.

DymondCreations can be a perfect gift, or an amazing positive energy device that is made especially for you.

Browse Dymond’s Orgonite Creations here!


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