YellowBeeVintage…on the hunt for all things vintage and antique!

Nicci, shop owner of YellowBeeVintage on Etsy, is a purveyor of eclectic vintage clothing, accessories and home decor. Having been an avid collector of all things vintage and antique for over 20 years, Nicci loves the thrill of finding special items hidden away at flea markets and estate sales! Her Etsy Shop allows her to continue her hunt for treasures while bringing beautifully unique antique and vintage items into her customers’ homes.
The 1940’s Russel Wright Pottery bowls featured here are some of my personal favorite finds from YellowBeeVintage. This great trio of mid century modern serving bowls was made in Steubenville, Ohio in the 1940’s or early 50’s by Russel Wright Pottery. I love the early modern style of these pottery pieces and the beautiful colors (coral, chartreuse and black chutney). Nicci was ecstatic to discover these Russel Wright pieces and especially astounded that they are in such great condition! This trio of serving bowls is reminiscent of an important moment in American Pottery history.  Along with other unique pottery finds, Nicci has also discovered vintage clothing, jewelry and wedding dresses!
Feel free to browse some of YellowBeeVintages’ treasures here-


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