An Avid Cigar Box Enthusiast!

Coming from a family of artisans and crafters I have an avid affinity for anything artistic, repurposed, or handmade! With this having been said, I have always loved the beauty and rustic style of cigar boxes from around the world. CBoxCreations on Etsy out of Newton, PA was created to showcase this artisan-ship firsthand. This shop offers a variety of unique cigar boxes available for purchase as well as some unique cigar box crafts. One of my personal favorite pieces from CBoxCreations is this handmade Cigar Box Bird Feeder featured here! I love the rustic nature of the box and the fact that it has been repurposed beautifully. If you know someone who has a love for cigars or anyone who has a passion for repurposed craft, a piece from CBoxCreations would make a great gift!  Check out some of CBoxCreations other Cigar Boxes and Crafts here-


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