The Animals Went In Two by Two!

One of my favorite biblical accounts has always been the story of Noah’s Ark. The magical image of Noah, his family and animals across all different species piling into the ark two by two is an image most people have learned to love over the ages.
James, the owner of NoahsArtK on Etsy, found a new inspiration to create after the birth of his first child, Noah. NoahsArtK operating out of Australia showcases detailed illustrations of animals paired with striking colors and color blocks to create eye catching prints! From these illustrations, James creates beautiful digital prints that are suitable for framing. With a grand shop opening only a couple weeks ago, NoahsArtK already has a 5 star feedback review on one of its’ Forward Slash Print Series’ pieces! One of my personal favorite prints is from the ‘Birds of A Feather’ Series. Featured in the photo here, I love the juxtaposition of the black bird detail with the boldness of the bright pink circle. Check out more of NoahsArtK’s prints on their Etsy shop here!


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