TheYellowPacifier on Etsy…Making Mommies Happy!

TheYellowPacifier on Etsy offers a wide range of baby products from diaper bags to twin baby gear! All their baby products are uniquely designed, functional, and durable for your peace of mind! Rachel Lo, the shop owner, makes it her personal goal to independently design products that are effective yet also fashionable!
This grey diaper bag with the floral accents featured here is one of my personal favorites! This spacious, adorable twin diaper bag comes equipped with 9 outside pockets and 12 inside pockets! With a total of 21 pockets you’ll be able to efficiently organize all your baby gear! We all know that carrying around all your babies items can get heavy so this diaper bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap with an extra long padded shoulder pad! One happy customer wrote a review regarding this diaper bag saying “I love the quality, design and function of this diaper bag. It looks cute and helps me stay organized with two girls under the age of two”. In addition to diaper bags TheYellowPacifier also offers infant car seat covers, twin shopping cart covers, and car seat bundle bags!

Check out TheYellowPacifier Baby’s gear here!


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