NorthWoodRings…Bentwood Rings Hand Crafted in Atlantic Canada

       NorthWoodRings on Etsy offers beautifully crafted bentwood rings.  Every Northwood Ring is created using the bentwood technique and every ring is expertly crafted, by hand, by the founder of Northwood Rings, Allan Hill.  The conception of the NorthWoodRings company occurred when Allan Hill crafted his first wooden ring for his wife due to her inability to wear her wedding band because of a metal allergy. Their joint love of Allan’s creation prompted his new found passion of woodworking and propelled him to create more wooden rings. As word spread about Allan’s bentwood rings his company was born and NorthWoodRings became a full-time business out of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  
      This Bentwood Ring featured in the photo here is one of my personal favorites. It is english oak with a gold inlay. Its clean lines and combination of natural english oak with yellow gold give this ring an earthy yet elegant feel.     
      From choosing your preference in type of wood, the width of your ring (slim, classic or full), the inlay accent, to the lining of your ring (9 different varieties) you can truly design your own one-of-a-kind ring.  NorthWoodRings also offers a Perfect-Fit-Guarantee on all their rings to ensure you get the perfect fit.  A bentwood NorthWoodRing would be an exceptional, everlasting gift for that special someone in your life.

      Click here to browse NorthWoodRings-



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