LordOfTheBeads on Etsy- Antiquities from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

LordOfTheBeads on Etsy offers a unique selection of ancient bead jewelry that appeals to your modern sensibilities while preserving the romance of an era gone by.   These exquisite gems travel to you directly from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. One of LordofTheBeads most exquisite pieces and one of my personal favorites is the one-of-a-kind Mayada necklace. It’s creator describes it as

“A stunning show of the craftsmanship of an ancient culture, the Mayada necklace is a piece that really speaks. Studded with rare and genuine ancient Egyptian agates, this piece would make an excellent addition to your jewelry cabinet as well as being a great conversation piece.”

As well as showcasing beautiful finished pieces ready for purchasing, LordOfTheBeads also offers individual stone beads for purchase.  These unique, ancient stones are perfect for jewelry makers and crafters alike who want to add a special flare to their pieces.

Feel free to browse LordOfTheBeads shop here- https://www.etsy.com/shop/lordofthebeads


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