CaravanOfBeads on Etsy- Exquisite Handmade Jewelry and Supplies

CaravanOfBeads on Etsy offers exotic handmade fine jewelry, wire wrapped rings and earrings, unique jewelry supplies, gemstone pendant necklaces, and much much more! Whether you are looking for a one of a kind jewelry piece or some beautiful jewelry supplies to incorporate in your own creations, CaravanOfBeads has an extensive array of items.  Niki, the main owner and lead designer, finds inspiration in each of her pieces and loves channeling her creative energy into her Etsy shop! Niki’s parents also have an active role in her shop. They exclusively design and hand create some of the fine jewelry items in a specialty section of the shop known as The Gem Box. One of my favorite pieces from this unique line is the Ethiopian Opal Necklace in the adjacent photo. The exotic opal gem has been extracted directly from Welo Mine in Ethiopia, Africa. This is truly a conversation piece and is as genuine as they come.
CaravanOfBeads is also excited to announce a new line of glass bottle necklaces to their shop.  The unique corked bottle necklace collection showcases a range of excentricities from died feathers to fantasy sparkly mermaid tear potions!
Click here to explore CaravanOfBeads on Etsy and to browse their unique creations!


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