UpcycledClassics on Etsy..Enjoying Yesteryear Classics Today

There is something so timeless about a polaroid camera.  I know I have personally always wanted one!  The sound the camera makes when you snap the photo and then eagerly waiting for your photograph to develop right before your eyes. You have captured a truly instant moment in time.  These vintage cameras however can be difficult to find today that are in good working order.  Thankfully a new shop on Etsy, UpcycledClassics, is making it their mission to collect these classic cameras and return them to working form so they can be enjoyed by you today.  Gary, the owner of UpcycledClassics, makes it his responsibility to personally clean and test each camera before putting it up for grabs on his shop.  This ensures that you can purchase worry-free and receive a vintage camera that works great!
For photography lovers one of these classic cameras is a must-have!  Gary has even added splashes of color to some of his polaroid cameras to make them stand out on your shelfs and especially when you are out having fun shooting.  This cute pink polaroid camera in the photograph here is one of my favorites!  Check out UpcycledClassics on Etsy and take a look at some of the other classics Gary has found-


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