MetropolitanMacs- harnessing Detroit’s history piece by piece

MetropolitanMacs is proud to announce the opening of their new Etsy shop! Featured in their shop opening are their hand made laptop stands.  These aren’t just like any ordinary laptop stands however, they come with a rich history and a strong meaning behind their creation.  These stands are a collaborative effort between MetropolitanMacs and a company called Sit On It Detroit.  Through a joint effort, they are taking re-purposed wood from old buildings in Detroit, MI and reusing it to create these one of a kind laptop stands. Each piece of wood is hand picked and carefully incorporated into the design of each stand giving every laptop piece a history rooted deep into the city of Detroit.  In addition to harnessing a part of Detroit’s history through the purchase of each piece, a portion of every stand sold will go to help local Detroit Charities.  These laptop stands are the first in a series of office items to be created.  Soon, MetropolitanMacs will be offering Desktop and monitor stands as well as laptop decals.

For more information please visit their Etsy and Facebook pages below-


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