Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop for only $5!

Etsy banner designed by Hipearthdesigns on Fiverr

Etsy banner designed by Hipearthdesigns on Fiverr

Pinterest is one of the top social networking services available today. It’s a phenomenal way to promote your Etsy products by using appropriate tags on your pins so that these items pull up in search results. AND what’s great is that it’s FREE promotion! Did you know that the number one traffic source for pins on Pinterest come directly from Etsy? What’s great about Pinterest is that it gives you an insight into the likes of potential customers. It’s genius because people pin things that they love and potentially are interested in buying. Building your Pinterest network is important for your Etsy shop so that you can pin newly available shop items, track who is repinning your items and pin your Etsy items to appropriate popular boards to gain exposure. I use my personal Pinterest to pin to a variety of different boards, some promoting my shop and others that are just for cool, unique items I encounter! I also reached out to my family and friends who are also on Pinterest encouraging them to pin and repin my Etsy items. They were eager and willing at first however….you can only ask your friends and family members to pin and repin your Etsy items so many times before they get really annoyed with you…:/. So what’s the next best thing? Getting someone to do it absolutely guilt free for only $5!! Ever heard of Fiverr? Fiverr is a quirky site with thousands of members who post ‘gigs’ demonstrating services, products, advice, etc that they will offer you for $5. Many of the gigs on Fiverr are geared around online promotion through Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook for a website or Etsy shop. When searching through the gigs on Fiverr be sure to review the feedback of the sellers- this will give you a good indication as to whether or not the seller will actually deliver the services detailed in the gig, if they will submit their work in the designated time frame and if past buyers have had overall positive or negative experiences with a particular seller. I would like to share one of my own experiences on Fiverr from the seller- Hipearthdesigns. This seller has her own Etsy shop as well as many Etsy related gigs to promote your shop, improve your shop appearance and create your Etsy shop banner! I bought a $5 gig from her to help me create my shop banner. Banners on Etsy can be tricky to make because they have to be a specific size and it’s hard to find a photo or background that will draw attention in such a small elongated area. After purchasing the gig, I received my banners way before the deadline and am very excited about how they turned out! Sarah not only created multiple banners for me to choose from with different designs but also included my shop name in the banner as well as a shop tag that she recommended. The photo attached is the banner I decided on. Sarah also has other Fiverr gigs offering a critique of your Etsy shop for $5 and another where she’ll create treasuries centered around your shop items.

This post turned out way longer than I intended lol. So here are the bottom lines:

1) If you are an Etsy shop owner- be sure to pin your items on Pinterest and also include relevant tags to promote your items- It’s FREE promotion!

2) Check out Fiverr for Etsy and Pinterest related gigs that can give your shop exposure for only $5!



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