Flexibility brews creativity

As I was making a mini canvas for a repeat customer today, I realized how influential some of my customers have been this past year in helping me customize and expand what my shop has to offer. Many of the inspirations behind my items actually arose from requests by my customers. I received an order one afternoon for three mini canvases with matching easels and in the ‘added notes’ section at the il_570xN.432525575_e58o-1bottom of the invoice the buyer wrote “no need to include the easels with my purchase, thank you”. I was confused. She doesn’t want the easels? Why doesn’t she want the easels? Honestly, I was kind of offended! The lady later left me feedback saying how great the canvases look hanging in her daughters room. Hanging in her room?!!….well WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Using tiny islet hooks, I began creating sets of four matching mini canvases that customers can hang on the wall for a cute, colorful look! The photo I have attached here is a design inspired by the idea of customer as well. With this in mind, I encourage you to be flexible when it comes to your Etsy shop. People go to Etsy to look for unique items- adding the option of customization to your shop will make your items even more one-of-a-kind.


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