As my 1 year anniversary of being an Etsy shop owner quickly approaches, I decided to (on top of all my other artistic endeavors I currently have going on) begin a blog about ‘etsying’- just because I love it so much :). I run my Etsy shop, CuteLittleCanvases, out of my tiny studio in Austin, Texas. All of my products are centered around a special type of paper called Lokta paper from Nepal. Nepalese villagers use the inner bark of the Lokta bush to create the beautiful fibrous paper, making it a renewable resource because the bark then regenerates itself. The handmade Lokta papers are then each dyed and decorated with designs using basic techniques. I fell in love with the paper the first time I saw it and since that day have been creating decoupaged mini canvases, wine bottles and vases featuring the unique Nepalese designs. My motto has always been ‘Throwing around glue & varnish with tainted fingers to show that out of chaos I can create something beautiful’. I love witnessing the transformation of blank canvases and wine bottles into colorful, decoupaged works of art.

If you wanna take a peak at my Lokta paper items here is the link to my shop:

More ‘etsying’ soon to come- but for now sleeping :).



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