MamasBunnies…Handmade with love…one of a kind art dolls and decor!

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MamasBunnies is the cutest little Etsy shop bringing you one of a kind handmade dolls and decor based out of London, UK. All of MamasBunnies items are each 100% handmade by Jane’s talented mum! Jane’s mum designs and then brings each doll to life- by molding, sewing and coloring. At MamasBunnies, they do their absolute best to make little doll’s dreams come true. Created with love and painstaking stitches, these dolls will bring you joy and comfort for years to come. When Jane’s mother retired from her career as a dressmaker, she was able to throw herself wholeheartedly into doll-making more specifically, she just loved making bunnies; hence, the shop name MamasBunnies was born!  She has attended quite a few doll-making master classes, learning the trade from some of the best in the field. Every one of her dolls boasts a hidden heart, hand crafted with their own, unique character. You’ll be able to feel the love in every stitch! Even the doll’s clothes and cute accessories are handmade! 

Jane’s mother is a bona fide artist, and as many artists do, the business side of things is not her specialty. Her daughter wanted her mum to create and maintain her artist’s spirit, that’s why she took it upon herself to open up MamasBunnies Etsy shop so that she could help her mother share her passion with the world.

il_570xN.1370001700_ajftThis holiday ornament is sure to help get everyone into the Christmas spirit! Handmade and carefully crafted from clay and cotton wool, this old-world Postman adds a little charm to your home around the holidays! Put him up to hang on the Christmas tree, or leave him around the house to cheer up other places as well. This one of a kind decoration is a great way to help a family prepare for a happy home on Christmas morning!

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Esther Destiny’s Jewelry…Delicate Artisan Jewelry


Esther Destiny’s Jewelry brings you a wide variety of artisan jewelry pieces ranging from vintage inspired designs to more modern cutting edge styles! Shop owner and jewelry designer Ann Gray truly pours her heart into each of her unique jewelry creations. Ann uses her creativity to design jewelry pieces that appeal to all different kinds of people. Jewelry really is an extension of your personality, being a wearable art form that immediately conveys preferences of the wearer providing insights into their personality. It is Ann’s passion to create jewelry styles that fit each person’s personality like a glove! It is amazing how the right piece of jewelry can really transform a plain outfit into an eye catching, fashionable look! Esther Destiny’s Jewelry incorporates all carefully selected natural stones, is organic and also eco-friendly. At Esther Destiny’s Jewelry you can be sure to find just the right Signature Piece for Yourself!


Featured in the photographs here is Esther Destiny’s Jewelry striking Peruvian Opal necklace. The rare Peruvian Opal, which can only be found in the Andes Mountains, is expertly paired with the prized Picasso Marble together in this piece to create modern hippie magic! Set on a foundation of sterling silver, the stones are graced with a handcrafted silver leaf and scrollwork. The soft blue-green of the barrel-shaped, rare, natural Tibetan Turquoise beads complement the Caribbean blue of the Peruvian Opal. The neutral, peach and copper tones of the peach Moonstone, carved bone, Jasper and floral-patterned wood round beads complete the look with a second strand. The overall look is a bohemian-style piece that looks fantastic with both fall and spring colors!

I am excited to announce that Esther Destiny’s jewelry was awarded LUX Int’l Magazine Wedding Jeweler of the Year Award!! Find out more about this accomplishment here!

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry’s Mission Statement is that you are not only purchasing a One of a Kind, High End, All Natural, Handcrafted, Piece of Jewelry but you are also purchasing Integrity, Ethics, Honor, Honesty, and a Guarantee!

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DKWickedCNCDesigns..the highest quality wooden creations out there!

DKWickedCNCDesigns on Etsy is bringing you by far the highest quality Wooden Creations out there! Operating out of Kuna, Idaho this crafty Etsy Shop brings you a wide selection of wooden signs featuring different designs, fonts, sizes and stains! Browsing the shop you will discoveril_570xN.1301799172_2f75 a variety of custom wood signs including professional desk signs, fun man cave signs, cabin and lake house signs, and family name signs, and even some unique 3D origami models and wooden Padauk Fidget spinners! At DKWickedCNCDesigns if you can dream it, then they can carve it! You can be rest assured that your custom sign is in good hands. DKWickedCNCDesigns welcomes customization on their signs, making each one of them a unique piece of art!

Featured in the photograph here is one of DKWickedCNCDesigns beautiful custom made Lake House signs. This sign was handmade out of solid premium pine, and professionally V-carved to give it a 3D look. When envisioning your perfect sign, you can pick what color of stain you would like. Each sign has a saw tooth hook for easy hanging. This sign is great for any Cabin, Lake House, or Summer Home! This also makes the perfect housewarming gift. Every sign il_570xN.1341104617_ll5wis handmade out of premium quality pine. Knots and wood grain will vary from piece to piece, but adds to the beauty and originality of the sign showcasing the natural characteristics within the wood!

I just love the personalized wooden name signs featured here! These name signs are available in two different sizes to meet your needs. These are made using a technique called V Carving. You have your choice of either leaving the letters their natural color or you can have them painted Black or White. You also have the option of having a painted border. These name signs are made from Walnut Hardwood, a very beautiful naturally dark colored wood that only gets better with age. This would be a wonderful gift for a Graduation or for someone starting a new job! This is also a great way to showcase the credentials behind a name that a friend or loved one worked so hard to earn! Check out some of the other wooden creations at DKWickedCNCDesigns on Etsy here!

ChapterOneTShirt…anime manga design center!


ChapterOneTShirt on Etsy brings you unique anime manga designed t-shirts and bags that are loved by people of all ages! Each of the shop’s items feature comic designs that are one a kind anime artwork. ChapterOneTShirts are sure to capture attention featuring their colorful and intricate anime designs! Elements of the anime artwork combine some of your favorite animals such as huskies, shiba inu’s, foxes, cats, akitas, and bears (to name just a few) with samurai themes to bring the anime characters to life!

Featured in the photograph here is ChapterOneTshirt’s cute Shiba family T-shirt along with their Hachi Dog t-shirt. These unique comic designs are printed on cotton mixed t-shirts using direct printing or heat transfer processes. These processes offer a long lasting colorful catchy image on the t-shirts. The fabric on ChapterOneTshirts is a light weight TC fabric (65% cotton & 35% polyester). This choice of fabric is very suitable for summer and it is ready for hand & machine washing, bleaching, drying and even direct ironing on the designs!

A gift from ChapterOneTShirt is the perfect choice for the manga anime lover in your life!

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Victoria Olt- Original watercolor art and giclee prints!


VictoriaOltArt on Etsy brings you original watercolor art designs and giclee prints boasting strong vibrant colors and emotional themes. Victoria Olt is a European artist whose paintings blend classical realism with the vibrant colors of contemporary artwork.  She expertly combines watercolors, paints, graphite, charcoal, ink and colored pencils to create her captivating designs that showcase themes of love, heartbreak, anxiety and sorrow. Embracing mixed mediums, Victoria creates windows into the heart of the human soul, exposing the hopelessness, misery and fear that we all do our best to hide. I love the fact that her paintings reveal the emotional story of the individual, which is most often hidden. Her artwork offers solace to whoever needs it, providing the viewer with fictional characters with whom they can share the burden of life. Estonian born, Victoria now has her home and studio in Madrid, Spain where she also runs her Etsy Shop VictoriaOltArt.

Featured above is one of Victoria’s artwork pieces titled ‘Melancholia’. The cool hues of this piece paired with the pale skinned female figure evoke feelings of sadness and hopelessness in the viewer. The colorless orbs incorporated into the painting along with the delicateil_570xN.1274972813_to6v speckling accents give the atmosphere of the piece a celestial, divine feel. This beautiful piece is available as an archival quality print in a variety of different sizes to accommodate your space. Also featured here is one of Victoria’s tell-tale hearts. This linocut of the human heart is printed on a cotton blend and illuminated with liquid watercolors. Victoria has created many different tell-tale hearts, mixing different watercolor combinations. Choose the heart that speaks directly to you.

A unique offering from Victoria’s collection is her ‘Poems from a Darkroom’. This creation is an art photography book that displays 48 different photograms by Victoria Olt accompanied by some of the best poems in history written by the likes of Shakespeare, Percy Shelly and Edgar Allan Poe. Victoria’s art pieces pair beautifully with the lyrics and sentiments of the poems. ‘Poems from a Darkroom’ would make a beautiful gift idea for a contemporary art fan or poetry aficionado.  See more of Victoria’s art on her website and in her Etsy shop below!

ContraLuz…**Crystal Air Plant Gardens & Necklaces, Opals & More!**


At ContraLuz on Etsy the love of color, unique solid opals, crystals and leafy air plants shines through! ContraLuz started as a small shop specializing in opals & air plant gardens in the beautiful city of Greenville, South Carolina. Thanks to ContraLuz’s incredible supporters, the shop has grown steadily since. Browsing ContraLuz you will discover a selection of magical air plant gardens, beautiful crystal photography prints along with a beautiful selection of crystals and opals.


This beautiful crystal air plant necklace featured here is ready to wear! Amazingly, your mini air plant only needs a thorough misting and drip dry weekly to sustain life. The little air plant inside will continue to grow with proper care. The plant is mounted safely by its base and if taken care of properly, your mini plant can grow and live for years! If over time your plant outgrows the stone, no worries, it can be gently and safely removed and affixed to a stone or other item of your choice!


Also featured here is an absolutely gorgeous pastel lavender quartz crystal cluster. The tips are metallic, pastel, and very iridescent. This healing crystal is perfect and palm sized. Your crystal is guaranteed to be very eye-catching, sparkly, and super soothing. The perfect cluster for any crystal lover’s collection.

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Facebook: Username: @ContraLuzShop

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HookedBowtique…Unique Crocheted Goods!

HookedBowtique is a cute little Etsy Shop bringing you unique crocheted goods out of East Windsor, New Jersey.  Shop owner and crocheter Taylor Cohen is eager to share her crocheted creations with you! Taylor recently developed a passion for the craft of crochet and her talent is evident in her crochet designs. Browsing HookedBowtique on Etsy you will discover a variety of different crocheil_570xN.1283597822_2lgzted hats, ear warmers, hair bows, hair clips, scarves, coasters, blankets, and baby items.

Featured here is one of HookedBowtique’s baby sets. How cute would this dress and diaper set be on your little girl!? This set is handmade with 100% acrylic yarn so you can be sure it will be soft against your baby’s skin. The skirt showcases a shell pattern design giving the dress a cute, feminine look. The set would be adorable for a 1st birthday outfit, baby photoshoot, or as the perfect baby shower gift.  The dress has a keyhole back button closure with a pink and green flower button, while the diaper cover has a similar button, but blue instead of pink. The set is crafted for babies around 1 year old. Love this set but wish it was in a different color? One of great things about HookedBowtique is that all crochet items ail_570xN.1331827591_qntwre customizable! This set can be made in any size, color or color combination. Even the buttons are customizable too. Just let Taylor know your design preferences and she will create you the perfect baby outfit!

Also featured here is a selection of HookedBowtique’s crochet flower coasters. These coasters are crocheted in the shape of a flower to add a simple elegance to your home and impress your guests. These cute coasters are sold in sets of 6. They can be made in any color to fit your needs. Just contact Taylor and she will craft the perfect crochet flower coasters for you!

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