DivinerCreations…FUN Glitter Handmade Crafts!

DivinerCreations on Etsy is the place to stop by for cute glitter handmade crafts!! Browsing DivinerCreations shop you will discover a variety of different glitter shot glasses, glitter votive candles, fun coffee mugs, customizable candle favors, glitter desk organizers, and more! DivinerCreations glitter craft items are perfect for weddings, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and other fun events! Choose from a variety of different glitter colors to fit your theme and add some fun bling to your il_570xN.1535460871_dfkunext event!

Did you know that this week is Teacher Appreciation week??? Be sure to show the teachers in your life that you appreciate all the hard work they do all year long! DivinerCreations glitter office desk organizer kits make the perfect teacher gifts! These sets come with a cute glitter mason jar perfect for storing pens and pencils and a matching tin for thumbtacks, paperclips, rubberbands or other commonly used office supplies. This set is an adorable way to add some extra bling to any work space! Choose from either a heart or square shaped tin to complement your mason jar! This set is the perfect gift for your boss, manager, teacher, or as a treat for yourself :).

Also featured here are DivinerCreations colorful glitter bottom shot glasses with embellishments! I promise these fun shot glasses will the big hit at your next event! These are perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and anniversaries! Use them throughout the night, and then allow your guests to take theirs home with them as a cute party favor!


DivinerCreations offers gift wrapping for their glitter crafts as well! Pick out a set of items for someone special and they will come wrapped ready to give! With Mother’s Day in the next few days, Teacher appreciation this month, and graduation events right around the corner- May is just jam packed full of some of the best events!

All items receive a double coat of glitter and are triple sealed to prevent shedding! You don’t have to worry about getting glitter all over the place- your items will be sure to keep the glitter intact!  Check out some of the other glitter crafts available at DivinerCreations on Etsy here!



BusyLittleHook…Handmade baby clothes accessories and toys!

BusyLittleHook is a cute little Etsy shop bringing you unique handmade clothes, accessories and toys for your little ones- all made with loving care! Browsing BusyLittleHook you will discover a variety of different handmade cardigans, jumpers, hats for baby boys and girls, as well as baby toys including teethers.  Shop owner and crafter Asinima is passionate about creating quality items and loves working with soft yarns and fabrics. She is an experienced crocheter and knitter who loves making things that last! From the initially choosing of materials for a certain piece, to the final packaging step, she adores the entire process.

il_570xN.1509671163_cwjpShe takes care to follow safety rules for little ones when designing her toys and garments. For this reason she avoids small parts in her toy creations and also uses eco-friendly soft yarns for her designs. Each item from BusyLittleHook is knit, sewn and hand washed by Asinimia herself. It usually takes her about 2 to 5 days to craft each item making each item unique and truly one of a kind!

Featured here is a super cute ‘big stripes’ girls cardigan. This design is so sweet, simple and soft to the touch! This piece is hand knitted with all cotton baby yarn in three girly colors- pink, off white and purple. The short sleeves make it easy for your little one to wear it on top of t-shirts. This piece will fit baby girls 3 to 6 months and would make a lovely baby shower gift.  Love it cherish it and pass it on to the next child in the family!

Also featured here is one of BusyLittleHook’s natural baby teether toys. These teething bracelet rings are carefully crafted with natural wooden beads that are non-toxic and safe for baby use.il_570xN.1512226423_aq3c They are designed for your baby to play with or chew on when teething, helping to sooth baby’s sensitive gums. Simple toys such as this can encourage early motor skills when babies grasp the bracelets. Each bracelet also has 3 colorful crochet beads, helping to promote baby’s cognition of color. BusyLittleHook’s tethers are made with love and care for your baby and each one comes beautifully gift wrapped!

Shop BusyLittleHook on Etsy now and enjoy free shipping!!

Browse some of the other items available at BusyLittleHook on Etsy here!-


BethsUniqueBead…a costume jewelry boutique on Etsy!


Beth’sUniqueBead is a lovely little costume jewelry boutique located out of Glasgow, United Kingdom! Shop owner and jewelry designer Beth wanted to combine her love of jewelry with her passion for creation to bring you one-of-a kind jewelry pieces that you won’t find anywhere else! Browsing her shop you will discover a variety of different bracelets, necklaces, earrings and keychains in a wide range of colors, styles and materials! Her goal is to bring you great quality jewelry that you will love while also making her pieces very affordable for all to enjoy! Beth also offers jewelry pieces for specific for different holidays, seasons and special occasions! The right piece of jewelry can really make all the different to an outfit! Check out her jewelry boutique to find a piece that you personally connect with! 


Featured here is one of my favorites from BethsUniqueBead! This dyed yellow howlite beaded bracelet and earring set will add a pop of color to your outfit and is perfect for springtime! I love the bright yellow coloring on these howlite beads! This cute jewelry pair also has some added benefits as howlite is known for its healing properties. It is a great stone for reducing anxiety, tension, stress and anger. It is a gentle energy stone that soothes and calms the energy around you. Howlite is one of the “attunement stones” which link the user to higher spiritual consciousness. It has a hugely calming influence helping to slow an over active mind, and in turn this can help to achieve a deep and restful sleep. 

All of BethsUniqueBead’s jewelry items are handmade and come in gift box or organza bag! You will love receiving your package as a treat for yourself or a lovely gift for a friend! Check out some of Elizabeths other jewelry creations at Beth’sUniqueBead on Etsy here!


LexiePhoto…capturing some of nature’s finest moments!

isbl_3360x840.29609311_9cyo6vjeLexiePhoto on Etsy is an exquisite photography shop that is full of some of the Nature’s finest photos. Trude, shop owner and expert photographer behind LexiePhoto, feels a deep connection with the natural world around her and loves to capture precious moments in time. During her artistic process, she prefers to avoid using photoshop, and instead uses a simple program that aids in sharpening and bringing out the vibrant colors in her pictures. Using this technique, she makes it her goal to really focus on creating the magic with the camera itself.  Browsing LexiePhoto, you will discover a variety of different botanical and landscape shots as well as photos with inspirational text overlays that add a deeper connection.

Trude currently runs her Etsy shop out of Trodheim, Norway and is so excited to finally be able to share her love of photography with you. Trude’s states that her main inspiration is “knowing that her pictures can mean something to you”. The more she learns different camera and shooting techniques, the more exciting the field of photography becomes. Trude named her Etsy shop after her little pooch Lexie; her most loyal assistant ever! Lexie is always down for cuddles and loves being a part of the photography process from start to finish. Whether she is by Trude’s side on a morning shoot, or cuddled up on her lap during some photo editing, Lexie sure is one cute, reliable, and dependable assistant!


Isn’t this little birdie in a teacup photograph beautiful? This is one of my favorite moments captured by Trude! Captured on a peaceful, Sunday morning. The cup is filled with all things good! This photo will bring a little bit of nature and peace into your home. I also love the fact that with Trude’s photographs, you can pair them with different frames for different looks. Add a rustic wooden frame for a farmhouse, country feel or pair this photo with a sleek jet black frame for a more modern vibe!

A photograph from LexiePhoto will take a special place in your home, or possibly you will gift one of Trude’s favorite moments to a friend! I love the fact that all her images are captured with natural light and no photoshopping- it makes each piece seem more real and the true nature of the piece shines through! 

Explore some of the other moments Trude has captured in her Etsy shop here- https://www.etsy.com/shop/lexiephoto

Just4youonlineUK…where the glitter possibilities are endless!


Are you a glitter and sparkle fanatic?! If so, Just4youOnlineUK is going to become your latest obsession!!! This colorful, sparkly Etsy shop brings you everything you could possibly need when it comes to glitter from all different colors of the rainbow to fine, chunky, and extra chunky glitter varieties! Just4youOnlineUK glitter can be used for any glitter application you can think of 🙂  from Nail Art, Makeup, Tattoos, Screen Printing, Glitter Paint, Arts and Crafts, Wine Glass Decoration, Greeting Cards, Candle Making, Festivals, Body Art and much , much more! All of Just4youOnlineUK’s glitter is certified cosmetic, vegan friendly, 100% cruelty free, EN71 Part 3 and FDA Compliant. Their glitters are all heat and solvent resistant, non toxic and non skin irritating making them suitable for use in schools and nurseries! For this reason you can enjoy their glitter range for all your fun applications including nails, makeup, craft, candle making, body art and much more!

il_570xN.1415773382_16k1Just4youOnlineUK is a family run business who share a love for anything that sparkles and love to provide unique glitter colors that can’t be found anywhere else! One of their most unique offerings is their popular Cocktail Glitter Ranges! With fun names like Chunky Mermaid, Fine Unicorn, Rainbow Sangria, and Chunky Black Magic Martini you are going to love their fun glitter combinations! 🙂 The mastermind behind the shop,  Laura happily runs her glitter shop along with her family out of their sparkly home in Warrington, UK.

Get 25% off your entire order when you purchase 4 items or more!! USE CODE JUST4YOU25 AT CHECKOUT!!! (it’s almost impossible to pick just one!!!) 

Check out all the sparkle at Just4youOnlineUK on Etsy here!


Pumpur…Scandinavian inspired baby products

Pumpur on Etsy brings you expertly crafted Scandinavian inspired baby products with fresh and modern style in mind! This cute baby product shop offers a variety of different baby gyms, swings, toys and rattles, and nursery decor. Shop owner and creator Jurgita happily runs her baby supply shop out of her home country of Lithuania! Not only is Jurgita a soft furniture designer herself, but she is also a mom of three children. Her desire for modern, functional baby toys and nursery decor inspired her to create the Pumpur line. All of the items in her shop are handmade and designed with her own children in mind. il_570xN.1342729700_62ebAs her children grow, she is excited to create new products and expand the range of offerings in her shop!

Pumpur’s unique baby and toddler swings are designed with fun, fresh and modern style in mind. These super fun swings are great for keeping your little ones entertained! The added chunky wooden beads threaded into the front ropes are fun for the kids to play with and add a decorative flair. Your baby or toddler will love it! Also featured here is one of Pumpur’s baby play mats.  Made of a soft cotton and filled with poly padding, these play mats are perfect for your little ones. Jurgita only works with fabrics that meet the Eco-Tex Standard 100 categoil_570xN.1420114458_j15wry, and uses a thick 3 cm filling to ensure your baby is comfortable even when the playmat is placed on a hard floor. Add an activity center to keep your little ones entertained. Apart from being super cute nursery decor, these wooden baby play gyms help with cognitive development, visual perception, grasping and reaching skills, self-awareness, and sensory stimulation.

With a 5 star Etsy rating and over 100 great customer reviews, you’ll be sure to love Pumpur’s baby products! Customers boast about the excellent quality of Pumpur items and their ease of assembly! Jurgita’s passion for her products and customer service show through in the reviews from her happy customers!

Browse more Scandinavian inspired baby products on Etsy here at Pumpur on Etsy here!


BalmBenefitsAU…where less is more!

il_570xN.1353528000_1n3oA passion for natural products along with a desire to give back to the community are the foundations on which BalmBenefitsAU was founded.  This Etsy shop located in Australia brings you a lovely collection of handmade balms for a variety of different ailments to suit your needs! Some of their best selling items include their specially formulated ‘Aches and Pain’ balm, Peppermint lip balm and their essential oil headache rollerballs! Browsing the shop you will discover a variety of different skin balms, pillow sprays, lip balms, handwash, and even magic bliss aromatherapy towels!

Shop owner Karen first began experimenting with natural products when suffering the achy feelings of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her desire for a natural product that she could rub all over her joints to help ease the pain led to the creation of her specially formulated balms. Karen wanted a balm that would help with the achy feelings, however, did not want to have to worry about unnatural chemicals going into her body. After researching the power of different essential oils along with natural and organic ingredients, she created her “Aches & Pains” balm featuring wintergreen, ginger and black pepper essential oils.  This combination of essential oils provides not only a blissful smell but also provides a beautiful warming sensation. This balm is great for massaging into joints and feet at night and perfect for carrying with you anywhere!


Also featured here is a selection of BalmBenefitsAU lip balms. The beauty of these lip balms is that they not only are natural and organic but they DO NOT melt! Karen herself has taken these lip balms to Bali and they hold their shape perfectly. There is nothing worse than a melting lip balm! Choose from a variety of enticing scents including Peppermint, lavender, and orange! 🙂

Giving back to the community is one of the core principles behind BalmBenefitsAU.  10% of all profits from BalmBenefitsAU  are donated to “Whitelion” youth homeless charity. Whitelion is located in Melbourne, AU and is an agent for change working to support homelessness and the development of high risk youth. This is just another way that Karen’s Balms Benefit others!

Explore the other natural products available at BalmBenefitsAU on Etsy here!


Perfume Surprise…a monthly perfume discover box!


Looking for a great, new way to find your next favorite scent? Perfume Surprise is a fantastic way to explore new fragrances and discover scents that you’ll love! Perfume Surprise is the only monthly perfume subscription service that offers luxury designer perfume brands AND jewelry for you to enjoy (and keep) for an affordable price!

Here’s How it Works:

Each month you receive 5 spray bottles of 2.5 ml with designer perfumes as well as a jewelry set based around that month’s theme. Enjoy exploring all the different aromas packed into each box, as well as opening up a surprise jewelry piece! Each month you will love looking forward to receiving your gift of goodies!

What types of scents can you expect?

Scents are chosen to correspond with the Season/Holiday of the Monthly box. For example, a box sent out in August may have scents like ocean mist 🌊 , beach day , watermelon 🍉 …etc. A November box may have scents like sweet pumpkin spice 🎃 , warm vanilla sugar, Indian sandalwood…etc. What a great way to get yourself in the mood for the different seasons!

If you are looking for a great and affordable way to try a variety of new perfumes without purchasing full sized products then Perfume Surprise is perfect for you!!


*Sign up on the Perfume Surprise website to get the recurring montly subscription- http://www.perfumesurprise.com


Want to try out a Perfume Surprise box before committing to a subscription? Get a Perfume Surprise box on Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PerfumeSurprise

Connect with Perfume Surprise through social media for new products, giveaway’s, coupon codes, and more!

IG: @PerfumeSurprise
Website: http://www.PerfumeSurprise.com

Your dream perfume is just a click away!

MemoWoods…Turn Your Voice Into the Perfect Gift!

voice 2MemoWoods on Etsy brings you one of a kind items where you can turn your very own voice into a unique gift idea! Their custom sound wave art makes the perfect personalized gift idea! Give the gift of your voice or the voice of a loved one as a thoughtful anniversary, wedding, birthday or Christmas idea! Recording your voice message is super easy! Just record your voice message on your phone, or computer. Once you have recorded your message, email MemoWoods the audio or video file and then they will make the magic happen and will take care of the rest! Think of a personal message, and MemoWoods will handcraft a sound wave gift that visually captures the details of your voice! Shop owner and MemoWoods creator Jasmine loves bringing voices to life. The personalized sound waves are her creations, and the voice prints are unique in that they capture the details of your voice. For her, capturing the little details is everything! I love the fact that each sound wave art piece is fully customizable! First pick the size canvas, choose your favorite color, caption, and font for your piece and then lastly decide on the perfect audio recording!
voice 1

Your voice is the perfect gift!

Explore MemoWoods custom sound wave art on Etsy here!

MamasBunnies…Handmade with love…one of a kind art dolls and decor!

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 4.47.51 PM

MamasBunnies is the cutest little Etsy shop bringing you one of a kind handmade dolls and decor based out of London, UK. All of MamasBunnies items are each 100% handmade by Jane’s talented mum! Jane’s mum designs and then brings each doll to life- by molding, sewing and coloring. At MamasBunnies, they do their absolute best to make little doll’s dreams come true. Created with love and painstaking stitches, these dolls will bring you joy and comfort for years to come. When Jane’s mother retired from her career as a dressmaker, she was able to throw herself wholeheartedly into doll-making more specifically, she just loved making bunnies; hence, the shop name MamasBunnies was born!  She has attended quite a few doll-making master classes, learning the trade from some of the best in the field. Every one of her dolls boasts a hidden heart, hand crafted with their own, unique character. You’ll be able to feel the love in every stitch! Even the doll’s clothes and cute accessories are handmade! 

Jane’s mother is a bona fide artist, and as many artists do, the business side of things is not her specialty. Her daughter wanted her mum to create and maintain her artist’s spirit, that’s why she took it upon herself to open up MamasBunnies Etsy shop so that she could help her mother share her passion with the world.

il_570xN.1370001700_ajftThis holiday ornament is sure to help get everyone into the Christmas spirit! Handmade and carefully crafted from clay and cotton wool, this old-world Postman adds a little charm to your home around the holidays! Put him up to hang on the Christmas tree, or leave him around the house to cheer up other places as well. This one of a kind decoration is a great way to help a family prepare for a happy home on Christmas morning!

Discover some of Mama’s Bunnies other handmade dolls on Etsy here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/MamasBunnies

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry…Delicate Artisan Jewelry


Esther Destiny’s Jewelry brings you a wide variety of artisan jewelry pieces ranging from vintage inspired designs to more modern cutting edge styles! Shop owner and jewelry designer Ann Gray truly pours her heart into each of her unique jewelry creations. Ann uses her creativity to design jewelry pieces that appeal to all different kinds of people. Jewelry really is an extension of your personality, being a wearable art form that immediately conveys preferences of the wearer providing insights into their personality. It is Ann’s passion to create jewelry styles that fit each person’s personality like a glove! It is amazing how the right piece of jewelry can really transform a plain outfit into an eye catching, fashionable look! Esther Destiny’s Jewelry incorporates all carefully selected natural stones, is organic and also eco-friendly. At Esther Destiny’s Jewelry you can be sure to find just the right Signature Piece for Yourself!


Featured in the photographs here is Esther Destiny’s Jewelry striking Peruvian Opal necklace. The rare Peruvian Opal, which can only be found in the Andes Mountains, is expertly paired with the prized Picasso Marble together in this piece to create modern hippie magic! Set on a foundation of sterling silver, the stones are graced with a handcrafted silver leaf and scrollwork. The soft blue-green of the barrel-shaped, rare, natural Tibetan Turquoise beads complement the Caribbean blue of the Peruvian Opal. The neutral, peach and copper tones of the peach Moonstone, carved bone, Jasper and floral-patterned wood round beads complete the look with a second strand. The overall look is a bohemian-style piece that looks fantastic with both fall and spring colors!

I am excited to announce that Esther Destiny’s jewelry was awarded LUX Int’l Magazine Wedding Jeweler of the Year Award!! Find out more about this accomplishment here! https://www.lux-review.com/2017-2017-wedding-awards

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry’s Mission Statement is that you are not only purchasing a One of a Kind, High End, All Natural, Handcrafted, Piece of Jewelry but you are also purchasing Integrity, Ethics, Honor, Honesty, and a Guarantee!

Discover more of Esther Destiny’s Jewelry here! https://estherdestinysjewel.patternbyetsy.com

DKWickedCNCDesigns..the highest quality wooden creations out there!

DKWickedCNCDesigns on Etsy is bringing you by far the highest quality Wooden Creations out there! Operating out of Kuna, Idaho this crafty Etsy Shop brings you a wide selection of wooden signs featuring different designs, fonts, sizes and stains! Browsing the shop you will discoveril_570xN.1301799172_2f75 a variety of custom wood signs including professional desk signs, fun man cave signs, cabin and lake house signs, and family name signs, and even some unique 3D origami models and wooden Padauk Fidget spinners! At DKWickedCNCDesigns if you can dream it, then they can carve it! You can be rest assured that your custom sign is in good hands. DKWickedCNCDesigns welcomes customization on their signs, making each one of them a unique piece of art!

Featured in the photograph here is one of DKWickedCNCDesigns beautiful custom made Lake House signs. This sign was handmade out of solid premium pine, and professionally V-carved to give it a 3D look. When envisioning your perfect sign, you can pick what color of stain you would like. Each sign has a saw tooth hook for easy hanging. This sign is great for any Cabin, Lake House, or Summer Home! This also makes the perfect housewarming gift. Every sign il_570xN.1341104617_ll5wis handmade out of premium quality pine. Knots and wood grain will vary from piece to piece, but adds to the beauty and originality of the sign showcasing the natural characteristics within the wood!

I just love the personalized wooden name signs featured here! These name signs are available in two different sizes to meet your needs. These are made using a technique called V Carving. You have your choice of either leaving the letters their natural color or you can have them painted Black or White. You also have the option of having a painted border. These name signs are made from Walnut Hardwood, a very beautiful naturally dark colored wood that only gets better with age. This would be a wonderful gift for a Graduation or for someone starting a new job! This is also a great way to showcase the credentials behind a name that a friend or loved one worked so hard to earn! Check out some of the other wooden creations at DKWickedCNCDesigns on Etsy here!

ChapterOneTShirt…anime manga design center!


ChapterOneTShirt on Etsy brings you unique anime manga designed t-shirts and bags that are loved by people of all ages! Each of the shop’s items feature comic designs that are one a kind anime artwork. ChapterOneTShirts are sure to capture attention featuring their colorful and intricate anime designs! Elements of the anime artwork combine some of your favorite animals such as huskies, shiba inu’s, foxes, cats, akitas, and bears (to name just a few) with samurai themes to bring the anime characters to life!

Featured in the photograph here is ChapterOneTshirt’s cute Shiba family T-shirt along with their Hachi Dog t-shirt. These unique comic designs are printed on cotton mixed t-shirts using direct printing or heat transfer processes. These processes offer a long lasting colorful catchy image on the t-shirts. The fabric on ChapterOneTshirts is a light weight TC fabric (65% cotton & 35% polyester). This choice of fabric is very suitable for summer and it is ready for hand & machine washing, bleaching, drying and even direct ironing on the designs!

A gift from ChapterOneTShirt is the perfect choice for the manga anime lover in your life!

Be sure to follow ChapterOneTShirt’s Facebook Fanpage here! https://m.facebook.com/chapteroneusa/

Check out some of the other anime manga designs at ChapterOneTShirt on Etsy here!


Victoria Olt- Original watercolor art and giclee prints!


VictoriaOltArt on Etsy brings you original watercolor art designs and giclee prints boasting strong vibrant colors and emotional themes. Victoria Olt is a European artist whose paintings blend classical realism with the vibrant colors of contemporary artwork.  She expertly combines watercolors, paints, graphite, charcoal, ink and colored pencils to create her captivating designs that showcase themes of love, heartbreak, anxiety and sorrow. Embracing mixed mediums, Victoria creates windows into the heart of the human soul, exposing the hopelessness, misery and fear that we all do our best to hide. I love the fact that her paintings reveal the emotional story of the individual, which is most often hidden. Her artwork offers solace to whoever needs it, providing the viewer with fictional characters with whom they can share the burden of life. Estonian born, Victoria now has her home and studio in Madrid, Spain where she also runs her Etsy Shop VictoriaOltArt.

Featured above is one of Victoria’s artwork pieces titled ‘Melancholia’. The cool hues of this piece paired with the pale skinned female figure evoke feelings of sadness and hopelessness in the viewer. The colorless orbs incorporated into the painting along with the delicateil_570xN.1274972813_to6v speckling accents give the atmosphere of the piece a celestial, divine feel. This beautiful piece is available as an archival quality print in a variety of different sizes to accommodate your space. Also featured here is one of Victoria’s tell-tale hearts. This linocut of the human heart is printed on a cotton blend and illuminated with liquid watercolors. Victoria has created many different tell-tale hearts, mixing different watercolor combinations. Choose the heart that speaks directly to you.

A unique offering from Victoria’s collection is her ‘Poems from a Darkroom’. This creation is an art photography book that displays 48 different photograms by Victoria Olt accompanied by some of the best poems in history written by the likes of Shakespeare, Percy Shelly and Edgar Allan Poe. Victoria’s art pieces pair beautifully with the lyrics and sentiments of the poems. ‘Poems from a Darkroom’ would make a beautiful gift idea for a contemporary art fan or poetry aficionado.  See more of Victoria’s art on her website and in her Etsy shop below!



ContraLuz…**Crystal Air Plant Gardens & Necklaces, Opals & More!**


At ContraLuz on Etsy the love of color, unique solid opals, crystals and leafy air plants shines through! ContraLuz started as a small shop specializing in opals & air plant gardens in the beautiful city of Greenville, South Carolina. Thanks to ContraLuz’s incredible supporters, the shop has grown steadily since. Browsing ContraLuz you will discover a selection of magical air plant gardens, beautiful crystal photography prints along with a beautiful selection of crystals and opals.


This beautiful crystal air plant necklace featured here is ready to wear! Amazingly, your mini air plant only needs a thorough misting and drip dry weekly to sustain life. The little air plant inside will continue to grow with proper care. The plant is mounted safely by its base and if taken care of properly, your mini plant can grow and live for years! If over time your plant outgrows the stone, no worries, it can be gently and safely removed and affixed to a stone or other item of your choice!


Also featured here is an absolutely gorgeous pastel lavender quartz crystal cluster. The tips are metallic, pastel, and very iridescent. This healing crystal is perfect and palm sized. Your crystal is guaranteed to be very eye-catching, sparkly, and super soothing. The perfect cluster for any crystal lover’s collection.

Follow ContraLuz on their social media sites to stay updated regarding new shop items and shop promotions!

Instagram: contraluzshop
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/contraluz0121/
Facebook: fb.me/ContraLuzShop Username: @ContraLuzShop

Discover some of the other magical finds at ContraLuz on Etsy here-

HookedBowtique…Unique Crocheted Goods!

HookedBowtique is a cute little Etsy Shop bringing you unique crocheted goods out of East Windsor, New Jersey.  Shop owner and crocheter Taylor Cohen is eager to share her crocheted creations with you! Taylor recently developed a passion for the craft of crochet and her talent is evident in her crochet designs. Browsing HookedBowtique on Etsy you will discover a variety of different crocheil_570xN.1283597822_2lgzted hats, ear warmers, hair bows, hair clips, scarves, coasters, blankets, and baby items.

Featured here is one of HookedBowtique’s baby sets. How cute would this dress and diaper set be on your little girl!? This set is handmade with 100% acrylic yarn so you can be sure it will be soft against your baby’s skin. The skirt showcases a shell pattern design giving the dress a cute, feminine look. The set would be adorable for a 1st birthday outfit, baby photoshoot, or as the perfect baby shower gift.  The dress has a keyhole back button closure with a pink and green flower button, while the diaper cover has a similar button, but blue instead of pink. The set is crafted for babies around 1 year old. Love this set but wish it was in a different color? One of great things about HookedBowtique is that all crochet items ail_570xN.1331827591_qntwre customizable! This set can be made in any size, color or color combination. Even the buttons are customizable too. Just let Taylor know your design preferences and she will create you the perfect baby outfit!

Also featured here is a selection of HookedBowtique’s crochet flower coasters. These coasters are crocheted in the shape of a flower to add a simple elegance to your home and impress your guests. These cute coasters are sold in sets of 6. They can be made in any color to fit your needs. Just contact Taylor and she will craft the perfect crochet flower coasters for you!

Explore some of the other crocheted items at HookedBowtique on Etsy here!

SouderCreations…crafting custom items for you and your home!


SouderCreations on Etsy loves crafting items for you and your home! Browsing this Etsy shop you will discover a variety of different home accents, handmade candles, pet goods, baby items, classroom decor, jewelry and gifts! SouderCreations is a husband and wife duo that turned their hobby into a home business. Dianna has always had a passion for sewing and crafting, while her husband Dustin loves constructing self designed items. For the home business, Dustin is in charge of woodworking and the assembly of the home goods while Dianna works on your custom items including painting, sewing, and more.  The two decided to open up an Etsy Shop so that they could share their creations with you! The couple currently runs their Etsy shop out of Summerville, South Carolina.


This rustic leash holder designed by SouderCreations featured above is perfect for a multi pet family! Hang your pet’s leashes and fill the mason jars with pet treats to reward your pets. You can personalize this holder by adding your pets names in a wide variety of different fonts and colors! The 8 oz Mason jars featured are included.

SouderCreations also created these chalkboard signs to ease the everyday question of ‘whats for dinner???’. This chalkboard sign is perfect for writing down your dinner plans for the week. This piece is sure to be the conversation piece of your home! The boards are 17″ across and can be mounted to your wall very easily with hardware already attached.

SouderCreations is currently running a giveaway! They have reached their 50th sale on Etsy and will be giving away a set of FOUR Mason Jar Sconces. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is like SouderCreation’s newest giveaway photo, follow them on Facebook or Instagram @soudercreations, share their post and tag them in it, and comment below with “Shared”. You can double your chances by entering on both Facebook and Instagram. Contest ends July 29@ 11:59. Winner will be announced on July 30!

Check out some of the other home goods available by SouderCreations on Etsy here!


deardarlington…Pen & Ink Illustrations and Jewelry Designs

il_fullxfull.1264110861_1jbvDearDarlington is a whimsical little shop on Etsy bringing you pen and ink illustrations along with unique jewelry designed by Milwaukee, Wisconsin artist Steph Davies. Steph’s love of art and design led her to pursue a degree at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. Steph’s jewelry and artwork incorporates whimsical elements including birds, feathers, crescent moons, and arrows. Her shop evokes bohemian, artsy vibes. In addition to selling on Etsy, Steph’s illustrations and jewelry designs are available in shops all over the Milwaukee area.  Featured here il_fullxfull.1238272198_1d1xare a few of DearDarlington’s pen & ink illustrations. These unique artwork pieces are crafted using ink pens and acrylic paint on wood panels. Each one of DearDarlington’s illustrations are one of a kind providing you with pieces that are genuinely unique. These illustrations would make great gift ideas! The wooden blocks are stable enough to sit on shelves but are also easily hung on walls.

Also featured here is a cute jewelry combination designed by DearDarlington. These telescope earrings feature a hammered brass ring adorned with a patina geometric drop accent. I love the pairing of these earrings with one of Steph’s etched brass bird necklaces. These two pieces are simple and easy for every day wear! All of DearDarlington’s jewelry pieces are nickel and lead free.

Connect with DearDarlington through their social media sites to stay updated regarding new items and shop promotions!

•Instagram: @deardarlington

•Twitter: @stephdaviesart


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Ready Aim Craft…Home of the original shotgun shell American flag!


🇺🇸 Ready Aim Craft is an Etsy Shop jam packed full of American Pride and patriotism! 🇺🇸This craft shop is comprised of various items that allow you to show off your love for The USA and express your Second Amendment rights. Ready Aim Craft is best known for its unique shotgun shell signs and flags, but also offers a variety of other items including paracord bracelets, dog toys and other miscellaneous items crafted from shotgun shells. Ready Aim Craft was founded in 2013 by shop owner Janelle. Every one of Ready Aim Craft’s items are designed and created by Janelle and her husband who serves in the U.S. Air Force. They are both strong supporters of their country, their military and their Second Amendment rights! The two currently run their Etsy Shop out of Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania.

What better way is there to show your love for your country than with this American flag made completely from shotgun shells?! This shotgun shell American flag makes the perfect wall decoration for any porch, garage, fireplace mantle, or man cave! This would make a great unique gift idea for any patriot. Each piece is backed with wood and ready to mount on the wall with heavy duty d-rings. The back of each piece is stained with a gun stock color. The area of the shotgun shells actually exceeds the area of the wood backing, really making the flag stand out.  This shot gun shell American flag would make a real statement in any room!

In addition to flags, Ready Aim Craft also creates shot gun shell wall decor mounts supporting the Marine Corps, Army, Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. Other shot gun shell items include shot gun keychains, decorative shotgun flowers, shop gun shell weighted place cards for events, and shotgun shell confetti holders!
🇺🇸 Check out some of the other patriotic finds at Ready Aim Craft on Etsy here! 🇺🇸

AmuseMeShop…High quality small batch Organic Wear!

AmuseMeShop on Etsy is changing the way you shop for garments for your littles! This Etsy shop brings you high quality small batch organic wear handmade in California and Oregon. AmuseMeShop’s garments are durable and specifically designed to let children move and explore the world in comfort! Shop owner and designer Lisa Haukom first began crafting out of simple necessity. While breastfeeding her baby her baby girl would keep tossing her nursing cover to the side after being sick of being kept in the dark. In an effort to keep her baby girl happy being covered while also maintaining modesty, Lisa designed her very own nursing cover.


Her design- the Amuse Me Nursing Cover- is a reversible cover with ribbons attached to the interior layer designed to give your baby a colorful pattern to keep them amused while also keeping them covered. After creating her first nursing cover, Lisa starting expanding her craft to include aprons, and dresses for girls. Lisa loves working with color and patterns to design garments that are comfy and fitting for your littles! Several items in AmuseMeShop are reversible, offering different choices in garment color. Reversible garments are excellent choices for traveling, giving you multiple different options and simplifying your packing! Children grow quickly so Lisa wanted clothes that provide double duty. A little girls dress can then become a shirt, full length pantaloons can become knickers then shorts or even bloomers. AmuseMeShop’s clothes are comfortable and durable and made to live a long life as your child does what they do best! 🙂 

Featured in the photograph here is one of AmuseMeShop’s adorable little girl dresses. How cute is this bird fabric pattern?! When your child grows and the dress becomes short, your child can continue wearing it as a top with AmuseMeShop’s pantaloons. This dress is soft and cut to fit with plenty of room to move and grow. All of AmuseMeShop’s garments are made from natural materials by loving hands and with every detail in mind: the way they look and last, and the way they make you feel! 

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BlissBalm…DIY Lip Balm Kits, Bath & Body Products and Supplies!

Have you ever wanted to create your very own lip balms in the flavors of your choice?! BlissBalm on Etsy makes the process of lip balm crafting super fun and easy! This Etsy Shop brings you prepared DIY Lip Balm Kits and Lip Balm crafting supplies so you can make your very own lip balms! Browsing the shop you will discover a variety of different lip balm flavor oils, lip balm making supplies, and an assortment of finished bath and body products. il_570xN.1041688880_rvz5

BlissBalm is a small family owned business operated by a dynamic duo between mom Laura and her 8 year old daughter Kayla. BlissBalm was inspired by Kayla’s love for lip balm. After collecting every EOS lip balm flavor she could find, Kayla wanted even more flavor choices. The two started to research the market and taught themselves how to make their own lip balms in different flavors. Laura and Kayla loved the process and decided they were overflowing with great ideas centered around their lip balms! They decided to create BlissBalm on Etsy to share their great ideas! Laura also thought that creating a lip balm shop would be a great way to teach her daughter how to help run a business, earn money and start saving money for her future. Laura says that her daughter Kayla loves being a part of the business and plays an active role in taking product photos, marketing, product development and helping to ship orders.

Wouldn’t you love to make your very own delicious Macaroon Shaped lip-balms? How yummy do these different colored macaroons look? This Easy to use Lip balm kit comes complete with everything you need to make 6 regular size .25 oz Macaroon lip balms! The kit comes with an assortment of container colors, so choose the flavor you want to match each color! This kit comes with everything you need to make your own custom lip balms. These DIY lip balm kits are great for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and many other special occasions! These lip balm crafting kits are BlissBalm’s most popular items!


BlissBalm adds up new products regularly, so be sure to check their Etsy store often for fresh new bath and body products!

Follow BlissBalm on Instagram to stay updated regarding new BlissBalm products and shop promotions! https://www.instagram.com/blissbalm/

Check out lip balm kits and other bath and body products at BlissBalm on Etsy here!

LullababyByJill…magical nursery decor and baby accessories!


LullababyByJill on Etsy is adding a little touch of magic to your life! This Etsy shop brings you magical nursery decor, precious baby accessories and cute decorations for your next special event.  Shop owner and designer Jill Lair currently runs her decor and accessory shop out of Greenwood, Indiana. She has a passion for creating and loves to craft a variety of different items including baby girl headbands, baby hats, nursery mobiles, and fabric backdrops.

Featured here is one of LullababyByJill’s hanging cloud mobiles! Crystal Clouds, beauty with out the bad weather! Bring imagination to bedtime with these magical crystal clouds.  Enhance your little princess’ room, add more dazzle to your event or baby shower. These customizable Crystal Clouds made in the colors of your choice are the perfect addition to your special occasion. These are such a fun way to decorate for your new baby or your next event!

Jill first starting making her Crystal Cloud mobiles after creating a mobile cloud for a coworker for her baby girl. Jill was so pleased with how beautiful the cloud turned out and loved the creative process that went into crafting it. Jill decided to begin making more magical cloud mobiles to bring one of a kind decorations for your new baby.


Also featured here is one of LullababyByJill’s beautiful and whimsical fabric backdrops. This backdrop incorporates teal colors with multiple different prints mixed with a solid medium pink throughout. I love the color combination on this backdrop! Imagine how cute this would be as a photo prop for your child’s birthday, or as an addition to a baby girl’s room. Contact Jill if you would like a custom fabric backdrop made specifically to match your needs. She can create fabric backdrops in custom colors and can add ribbon or lace adornment to the backdrop as well.

Custom design is Jill’s specialty! If there is anything in particular you would like Jill to create for you, feel free to message her to discuss the details. Maybe you see a mobile that you like however you need a different color or size; contact Jill and she will work with you to make you something that will fit your needs!

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AliRichAccessories…handmade handbags, clutches and scarves!

AliRichAccessories on Etsy brings you a variety of different handbags, clutches and scarves in different styles! Shop owner and designer Alecia Richards currently runs her Etsy accessory shop out of Providence, Rhode Island.  Alecia has over 15 years of retail experience buying and developing fashion accessory products for major department stores. Her passion for fashion design prompted Alecia to teach herself how to sew about a year and a half ago so she could take the art of design into her own hands. Now using the skills she learned, she sews a variety of different fashion accessories including clutches, handbags and scarves. She does all this with a ton of love and passion for all things that are beauty and fashion related. She is passionate about creating fashion forward accessories that others will enjoy wearing and that will bring you happiness aplenty! 🙂


Featured here is one of Alecia’s hand crafted tote bags! This mini tote was crafted in a yellow canvas material, along with a hot pink lining and matching tie closure. I love the little pink pom poms Alecia chose to adorn the outside of this bag and match the interior pink lining. This is such a cute, colorful bag for summer!

Discover some of Alecia’s other handmade fashion accessories in her Etsy Shop here-

ErikaLesavageDesign…making gift giving so easy! :)


ErikaLesavageDesign on Etsy is your one stop shop for the perfect gifts for weddings, engagements, graduations, and many other special occasions! This fun, cute Etsy shop brings you a wide variety of coffee mugs and tote bags featuring catchy, cute personalized designs.  All items in the gift shop are custom designs by shop owner and creative Erika Lesavage.  Erika loves adding happiness and humor to people’s lives through her gift creations. The second I clicked on to visit this Etsy shop I instantly got a warm feeling looking at all the beautiful, warm product photos! This shop has such a positive attitude and feel! Erika says “Just looking at my items makes me smile and I know you’ll feel happy having one of these items! ” Erika opened up her Etsy shop in 2016 because she believes Etsy is the perfect place to look for unique, beautiful, great quality goods. Etsy’s marketplace was the perfect match for her items!

Wedding season is in full swing! That means shopping for the perfect dress to wear to friends weddings and also buying the perfect gifts for new couples! ErikaLesavageDesign brings you all your wedding and engagement gift needs for the Bride to Be, Bride and Groom, Parents of the Bride and Groom, Bridesmaids and Maids of Honor!! All gifts can be personalized with the recipients name and even the wedding date! This Etsy Shop truly makes personalized gift giving extra easy! This is your one stop shop for all wedding gift needs 🙂

Let the Father and Mother of the Groom enjoy their morning coffee in these Father and Mother of the Groom mugs featured up above! How cute are these? Imagine getting the perfect photograph of the two with these mugs! These are a must have for the parents of the groom! All of ErikaLesavageDesign’s mugs are high quality designs, made using professional sublimation printers and ink.

Give the future bride a gift she will keep for the rest of her life and that will be a constant reminder of the special day she said ‘I do”. She will just love enjoying her morning coffee in this ‘Engaged Coffee Mug’. This coffee mug makes the perfect Engagement Gift!


SAVE 15% off your next purchase from ErikaLesavageDesign by using Coupon Code: FIFTEEN.

Follow ErikaLesavageDesign on social media to stay updated regarding new shop items and shop promotions!
Instagram @erikalesavagedesign
Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/erikalesavage1

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SweetProvidence…celebrating life’s happiest moments!

Sweet Providence Designs on Etsy was created to help you celebrate life’s happiest moments! This Etsy Shop offers a wide variety of digitally editable invitations for all sorts of special occasions! Find the perfect invitations for baby showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, bridal showers, and other memorable events. Shop owner Danielle Patricil_570xN.1226238306_3f8wk is the designer and creative behind all of SweetProvidence’s digital designs. She is the owner of a small portrait photography business in Lake Providence, Louisiana in addition to running her Etsy custom invitation shop.

Searching for and personalizing the perfect invitation for your event can be time consuming. SweetProvidence on Etsy makes the process so simple and easy!  All of Sweet Providence Designs files are editable by you. You can even try out the ‘demo link’ for invitations you like allowing you to “try out” the design before you buy it. All of Sweet Providence Designs are instantly editable on Templett.com right in your browser! There is no waiting, nothing to download. Editing your invitations is fast, fun and easy! I love the fact that this gives buyers the opportunity to make their invites come to life.

Maybe you aren’t the most tech il_570xN.1261027803_fog7savvy and would like SweetProvidence to personalize the invites for you- no problem! They will make the edits or customize the design for you. Printing your invites at home is quick and easy, but if you don’t have the particular resources or the time to do so, Sweet Providence Designs is happy to print your custom invites for you!

The baby shower invites featured here are two of Sweet Providence Designs best sellers! Simply edit any of the text for your baby shower print them out on any card stock paper, and send them on their way! The great thing about these invitations is that you can play an active role in the design of your invites without the need for special computer software or special fonts. Why pay and wait for the delivery of your invites when you can get the same professional results from home yourself?

With over 2,000 Etsy sales and a 5 star rating, you can be sure you will just love your invites from Sweet Providence Designs!

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CoordinatesBracelets…hand stamped coordinate bracelets and other custom jewelry!

CoordinatesBracelets on Etsy simplifies the art of gift giving by bringing you hand stamped coordinate bracelets and other personalized jewelry pieces. Shop owner Katie hand stamps each of her jewelry pieces and would love to create a meaningful, custom jewelry piece for you. Browsing her jewelry shop you will discover a variety of custom coordinates cuffs, bangles, leil_570xN.1179982706_9hysil_570xN.1210884095_cw1nather bracelets, personalized necklaces and much more! Custom jewelry creations from CoordinatesBracelets make great graduation gifts, mothers and fathers day gifts, gifts for couples, wedding gifts and Thank You gifts.

The stamped cuff bangle bracelets featured here each display different coordinates. Choose custom coordinates that mean something special to you or a loved one. Possibly the location where you and your significant other first met; maybe the location in which you were born; maybe the special spot where you said ‘I do”. I am sure you can think of many more locations that have been meaningful to you throughout your life! These coordinate bangles create unique special gifts. These bangles are 6″ in length and are adjustable in size. Simply place the bangle on your wrist and adjust it to the correct size. The recipient will love wearing a piece of jewelry that is reminiscent of one of life’s special moments.

Also featured here are CustomCoordinates hand stamped couples bracelets in copper; one bracelet for him and one for her. These bracelets are stamped with roman numerals, signifying an important number in the couples lives. These matching bracelets are such a cute idea for couples! These couples bracelets can be crafted in copper, brass or aluminum. Choose the material that fits the particular couples look!

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MarkWhitneyBoutique…a passion for clothing design

MarkWhitneyBoutique on Etsy is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and owned and operated by a visionary with a passion for designing and making women’s clothing. The goal of the MarkWhitneyBoutique brand is to make you feel confident and to ensure that you love what you are wearing. With a soft pink and white design, the shop’s site itself has a feeling of elegance about it and displays the Mark Whitney logo, along with the tagline: Her luxury. The boutique provides excellent swimwear and custom made clothing that will you will not find anywhere else!

Featured here is one of MarkWhitneyBoutique’s custom two piece bikinis. This statement bathing suit glorifies the world traveler. Do you speak more than one language, and call the whole world your home? If so then this world flag bikini is perfect for you. Featuring different flags from all around the world, you are sure to make friends along your travels with this one of a kind suit. This multi-colored bathing suit features a high-waisted design and is made from polyester and spandex. You will feel sexy and confident as you take on the world in this one of a kind bikini!

Explore the other custom made clothing and swimwear at MarkWhitneyBoutique on Etsy here-

KisufimJewelry…continuing the tradition of fine jewelry making in Tel Aviv, Israel

il_570xN.1175694194_b1ea KisufimJewelry on Etsy is continuing the tradition of fine jewelry creation that has been passed on from generation to generation. The KisufimJewelry collection features diamond jewelry, genuine gemstone rings, drop and stud earrings, engagement rings, wedding bands; all in custom 14K rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. Each KisufimJewelry design is hand crafted, vintage inspired and can be customized to meet your specific needs. The jewelry workshop, incorporating the word ‘Kisufim’, translating in Hebrew to ‘yearning’, is located at the heart of historic Tel Aviv, Israel.

KisufimJewelry shop owner and jewelry designer Ari Kasten was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1965 to a working class family of Holocaust survivors. At the young age of 14 he began looking for a job in order to help assist his family. He was lucky enough to land a part time janitorial job at a jeweler’s studio who specialized in the design and manufacturing of old-world gold jewelry. Over the years Ari become an apprentice at the jewelry studio, learning jewelry design from the shop masters. He used the special skills learned during his apprenticeship to later open his own workshop independently manufacturing his own designs from the concept stage through to the final product.
Featured here is KisufimJewelry’s vintage inspired rose cut diamond pillow style ring in 14 Karat rose gold. This rings’ intricate design exhibits a classy and vintage feel. This statement ring shows exquisite attention to detail. This is the perfect engagement ring or anniversary ring that keeps alive the creation of fine jewelry using old world techniques.

KisufimJewelry has been on display at many shows and large exhibitions all over the world, and has been purchased by many celebrities. Ari is proud to say that many models and stars across the world wear his jewelry designs. All KisufimJewelry pieces are designed and signed by Ari himself. All items come with a Kisufim jewelry gift box perfect for gift giving.  KisufimJewelry is proud to offer free shipping worldwide, including handling fee and insurance.

Ari takes pride in each and every one of his jewelry designs, seeing each piece through from design to completion paying high attention to every little detail. You can feel confident choosing a jewelry piece from KisufimJewelry knowing you will receive a quality jewelry piece that was hand crafted with love and will be enjoyed by the recipient for years to come.

Explore Ari’s other jewelry designs at KisufimJewelry on Etsy-


LynnBachmanFashion…Livening up your morning cup of coffee!

LynnBachmanFashion on Etsy is livening up your morning cup of coffee! This Etsy shop brings you a variety of coffee mugs showcasing different fun themes! Shop owner Amber Bachman rungs her Etsy shop out of Westlake Village, California and loves creating unique coffee mugs that will brighten up your morning! Her mugs feature themes from iconic movies, fun characters, and unique art. 
The Elvis mug featured here is the perfect gift for the Elvis fanatic! This is an 11 oz ceramic coffee mug that is microwave and dishwasher safe. All mugs from LynnBachmanFashion come packaged in a gift box, making them perfect for gift giving! For those that can’t get enough of the journey of Thelma & Louise this coffee cup is perfect! This mug is reminiscent of the American road trip and the path to self discovery. The perfect gift for a friend who is on their own life journey! 

Find a coffee mug you love at LynnBachmanFashion on Etsy-



SARIDJO…Charitable Fashionable Jewelry

SARIDJO on Etsy brings you fashionable, unique jewelry with a cause! This jewelry shop offers a variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that all each have a charitable purpose! This shop was founded by the SARIDJO sisters who made it their goal to bring you to symbolic, fashionable jewelry at reasonable prices while giving back to charity and humanitarian causes around the world. SARIDJO’s charitable initiative is to donate 10% of each sale to campaigns benefiting refugees around the world.


Featured here are a pair of SARIDJO’s evil eye necklaces! These Zahra evil eye necklaces are available in either blue or rose. These are 14K gold plating with 925 sterling silver chains. I love the detail on these little evil eyes! This necklace would make a great gift idea for a friend. All jewelry items from SARIDJO come in their signature jewelry pouch ready for gift giving!


Aren’t these evil eye earrings so neat? These are unique gold ear jackets with lash cuffs and evil eye enamel paint adornments. It’s like getting two different unique pairs of earrings with these earrings- wear the top stud alone, or add the jacket for a unique look! There are just a few of these evil eye earrings available so if you love them then be sure to snag yours now!

By shopping SARIDJO you will not only receive one of a kind items but your purchase will also help make a more positive change in the world. SARIDJO’s truly values their customers and together they help build up their charitable efforts.

Subscribe to SARIDJO’s newsletters to get 10% off on your first order now! https://saridjo.com/

SARIDJO on Etsy is an extension of the online store https://saridjo.com. Visit saridjo.com to learn more about the significance behind the brand and their charitable contributions. 

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TheVioletRoomAustin…Hand dyed home goods!

TheVioletRoomAustin is changing the way you decorate your home! Shop owner and artist Tracey is an expert at crafting hand dyed bedding, shower curtains and other home goods to liven up your space. Tracey recently opened up her Etsy shop to be able to share her colorful creations with you. Her love of flower petals, watercolor art, and skies are used as inspiration behind her unique designs. All of TheVioletRoomAustin’s home goods are 100% cotton and also machine washable. Each of TheVioletRoomAustin’s home good designs have variances in colors and dye patterns, producing truly one of a kind items!il_570xN.1193065284_ktsj

Featured here is one of the TheVioletRoomAustin’s handmade ice dyed cotton shower curtains. Tracey drew inspiration from the beauty of stormy skies to create this piece. An intriguing combination of turquoise and indigo colors make up this creative design. This shower curtain casts a beautiful glow in and out of the shower, especially with a clear liner. Buy one of TheVioletRoomAustin’s unique home goods as a gift to liven up your own space or give one as a special unique gift to a friend!

Tracey loves accepting custom requests and will be more than willing to craft a specific piece for you in the colors of your choice for no extra charge. If you can imagine it, then Tracey can do it. She has the possibility to do custom designs on duvet covers, bed sheets, and other items you can imagine!

Check out some of TheVioletRoomAustin’s other home goods on Etsy here!


DuncanAvenueShop…Experience the Magic of Hudson Valley

NaturalRepellentWoodlandTrailsDAAromatherapyExperience the magic of the Hudson Valley at the DuncanAvenueShop on Etsy which brings you a variety of natural bath and body products .  DuncanAvenueShop has developed its own brand of safer, milder and more natural skincare products infused with organic essential oils. They promise is to provide products with absolutely no parabens, no sulfates, no synthetic fragrances or dyes; only biodegradable and plant-derived ingredients and minerals found in nature. Browsing DuncanAvenueShop you will discover a variety of different bath bombs, natural bug repellants, and aromatherapy mists. Incorporating DuncanAvenueShop’s natural body products into your life, you can trust that the body products you are using promote living naturally, and organically in a way that nourishes a healthier environment around us. DAAromatherapyBathBombsSlide

DuncanAvenueShop’s natural bug spray and tick repellant is one of their most loved products. With a fresh new look and the powerful blend of Organic Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Cedar Wood, Rosemary, Clove, and Lavender Essential Oils, Woodland Trails™ Essential Oils Blend will keep you sting and bite-free. This natural bug spray can help to protect you when sprayed in a room, on the balcony, in a car, on the body, and even on your clothes. Apply a generous amount of DA Aromatherapy Woodland Trails™ Natural Insect Repellent Spray, as a deterrent, onto clothing and skin. Since DuncanAvenueShop only uses natural ingredients in their bug sprays, they are perfect and safe to use on children and pets exposed to the outdoor bug threats. When browsing DuncanAvenueShop just look for any items that feature their signature Woodland Trails™ blend and know you will be protected. 
DA’s Aromatherapy Collection also features handcrafted bath bombs made with only natural and organic ingredients. They skipped the artificial fragrances, coloring, or glitter, and used only essential oils and real plants or flowers to add beautiful fragrances for you to enjoy.  Ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil and some Witch Hazel will nourish your skin and rejuvenate its look. Zen Garden™ Essential Oil Blend – Experience the true bliss with calming lavender top notes combined with herbal and earthy chamomile. Incorporating ingredients such as organic arrowroot powder, pure witch hazel, roman chamomile and coconut oil you will love the formulation of this bath bomb. Natural is simple. Rest assured your relaxing spa experience will be truly good for you!

DuncanAvenueShops promises to bring you natural body care products that incorporate plant derived ingredients; No Parabens, No Sulfates. Their products are biodegradable, cruelty-Free, and good for the Environment.

Enjoy Free U.S. Shipping on all DuncanAvenurShop orders! This week only!

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GypsyStarsRVA…Jewelry & Bows Made W/ ❤️ By Autistic Adults in Richmond, Virginia


GypsyStarsRVA is a special Etsy shop bringing you handmade jewelry and bows made with love by adults with autism in Richmond, Virginia. Browsing GypsyStarsRVA you will discover a variety of druzy, agate, and geode jewelry, including druzy earrings, agate earrings, druzy geode necklaces, bangles and much more! GypsyStarsRVA also brings you a wide selection of cute handmande hair bows! The bow collection includes dollar hair bows, wholesale hair bows, Frozen Elsa, Anna and Olaf hair bows, sets of 15 hair bows, sets of 20 hair bil_570xN.1218358448_fm7kows, sets of 10 hair bows, sets of 50 hair bows, cheer leader hair bows, and more!

Shop owner and creator Rachel has autism and created this Etsy ship so she could sell the amazing things that she learned to make in arts and craft classes. Rachel says ‘It takes hard work and I’m a little slower than the average person but my abilities are just as strong as everyone else’s. I get to make so many amazing things and Etsy allows me to share them with the world. According to my mom, selling my amazing jewelry and bows has been great for my self-esteem and building my confidence. Etsy allows me to show off my talent while raising money for fun activities we can all do together.’

Rachel tries to make eveil_570xN.1265570369_prdery piece perfect. She may be slower than the average person but don’t let her fool you because she can do anything else can when given the chance! She is proud to share her love of crafting with the world. Featured in the photos here are a few of GypsyStarsRVA gorgeous druzy bangle bracelets. These bracelets are so elegant and handmade with beautiful raw druzy stones. These bracelets are great to wear by themselves or stack these with other bracelets or bangles for a cute, stylish look!

GyspyStarsRA is always adding new items to the shop frequently so please check back often!

Browse some of the other items available at GypsyStarsRVA on Etsy here!

YuveeLeather…fine crafted leather goods straight from Jakarta!

YuveeLeather on Etsy offers custom high quality handcrafted leather goods including leather handbags, clutches, and leather passport sleeves. All of Yuvee products are handmade using only high quality genuine leather and fully lined with leather unless otherwise specified out of Jakarta, Indonesia! All hardware used in YuveeLeather‘s designs are of high quality so you can be assured your pieces will last. Shop owner and leather designer Yuvinia Yuhadi, has been an avid crafter her whole life. She first discovered leather crafting 3 years ago, and decided to pursue her passion for the craft by opening her own workshop in January last year. Soon after she opened up her own Etsy Shop YuveeLeather so she could share her leather goods with the world! In addition to her Etsy shop, along with her business partners Meifani and Marita, she runs Leatherians, a leathercraft workshop based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Featured here is one of YuveeLeather’s hot pink custom handmade pouches! This bag design features a fuschia saffiano leather and hot pink nappa leather lining along with an edgy purple zipper/purple edging combination. This bag measures 15 x 10.5 x 3.5cm. How cute is this design for summer fun?! Yuvee offers additional custom initial stamping at no additional cost. Buy this bag for yourself or give one as a beautiful gift to a friend! Since everything at YuveeLeather is customizable, feel free to contact Yuvee if you would like this particular handbag in a different color leather or with a different color lining! I love the fact that Yuvee will handcraft you a purse that will specifically fit you!

Yuvee is always dreaming up new creations, so be sure to check back frequently to YuveeLeather for new leather good designs! Check out some of the other leather good available at YuveeLeather on Etsy here!

Pilbri…Rhinepearls- Art and Design made in the “Rhineland”

Pilbri on Etsy brings you unique art and designs handmade in the heart of the “Rhineland” in Erkrath, Germany.  In this special area, gaining its name from the Rhine river that flows through, shop owner Britta Neumarker designs precious glass and silver jewelry out of her studio. Britta refers to her jewelry shop as ” Rhinepearls” jewelry, meaning precious like beautiful pearls.  Atelier Pilbri has been in existence for over 10 years. In 2005 Britta founded her “Studio Pilbri” originallyil_570xN.1241219931_tszc as a studio for painting, which was later joined by the addition of photography. In 2010 Brita was taught the technique of fusing glass by a glass designer and quickly perfected her technique. Having been fascinated by glass since her childhood, she was a quick learner and soon after starting developing her own designs. Britta’s jewelry collection and designs grew as she then learned to work with silver. She is now proud to offer a variety of different collections of jewelry featuring glass and fine silver jewelry including real gemstones and pieces with fine gold application embellishments. All of il_570xN.1179278437_11gfPilbri’s jewelry pieces are handcrafted and unique designs so each piece she creates is one of a kind.

Featured above is one of Pilbri’s fine silver jewelry pendants beautifully crafted in the shape of a sun. It has a unique, delicate structure embellished with fine gold accents. It is hung on a Sterling silver Omega Collier, that fits the necklace perfectly. This necklace would be a lovely present for someone special! The design combination of fine silver and gold on this pendant makes this piece truly unique. Also featured here is one of Pilbri’s precious glass pendants with a sterling silver bail. This piece of jewelry is an eye-catcher as a result of the dichroic glass that shines in different colors. It is paired with a bright yellow necklace with a sterling silver lobster clasp, which helps bring out the colors in the pendant really making this piece stand out!

Discover some of the other items on Etsy at Pilbri here!

BranchesIntertwined…Beautiful, hypoallergenic jewelry at an affordable price!

Shop owner and jewelry lover Leah is a young designer striving to make a career out of her passion. As a child, Leah had several extreme metal allergies which prevented her from wearing a wide variety of jewelry. There were not many pieces which would keep her from developing a reaction. Leah also hated the fact that these particular jewelry pieces she could wear were always either too expensive or just plain and bland. She was constantly disappointed with her jewelry choices, being stuck with just a handful of pieces while all her friends could change their jewelry by the day to match any outfit or any occasion. It is this feeling of missing out which inspired Leah to create BranchesIntertwined.
The mission behind BranchesIntertwined is to provide attractive, hypoallergenic jewelry at an affordable price. Whether the material is lead-free or 14k gold, BranchesIntertwined strives to remain accessible to any budget while continuing to pursue unique and innovative designs. Leah envisions growing her Etsy shop into something much larger, so that those with metal allergies can wear something beautiful without fear and without breaking the bank. Browsing BranchesIntertwined you find a variety of uniquely designed necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Featured in the photograph above are two of my favorite pieces from BranchesIntertwined. These peacock feathers dangle from classic drop-earrings or posts and are available in either silver or gold. These peacock earrings would pair beautifully with this set of two delicate gold bracelets. One bracelet is strung with tiger’s eye beads, while the other is adorned with a charm that showcases one of my favorite sayings “Adventure Awaits”.

Take advantage of BranchesIntertwined summer sale that is going on right now!
Start of Summer Sale (Now through June 6)
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Support Leah me on her journey and browse the beautiful jewelry available at BranchesIntertwined on Etsy here-

TheThreaded13…taking the boring friendship bracelet to the next level!


Shop owner and jewelry designer Alex Turnage at the TheThreaded13 on Etsy is taking the boring friendship bracelet to the next level! Alex, 22 now, has been creating friendship bracelets since she was just a little girl. She is passionate about crafting jewelry pieces with unique patterns and embellishments. Browsing her shop you will find a variety of friendship bracelets, embellished bracelets, beaded bracelets, anklets, unique necklaces, paracord bracelets, cute keychains, and even men’s bracelets.


Alex’s goal is to always keep her creations under $20. She wants her creations to be affordable for as many people as possible. She currently runs her jewelry shop out of Braselton, Georgia. If you are looking for a custom piece feel free to contact Alex- she’d love to create you a custom design!

Connect with TheThreaded13 on social media to stay updated regarding shop promotions and new items!
Instagram @thethreaded13
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Tumblr @thethreaded13

Browse TheThreaded13 on Etsy here!


AlightCandleCompany…Luxury Hand Poured Scented Candles

AlightCandleCompany brings you luxurious hand poured scented candles that feature quality, natural ingredients. All of Alight luxury candles are hand poured in small batches and made from the finest non-genetically modified soy wax. They are infused with premium fragrance and organic essential oils which gives them a delicious long lasting smell. Alight candles burn cleanly and don’t produce any smoke because they burn at a much cooler temperature than paraffin candles. Their burn time is much longer too, allowing you to enjoy your favorite scent longer.

AlightCandleCompany, which operates out of Nottingham, United Kingdom, was determined to use only the best natural ingredients and to create a product that would have a prime position in peoples homes. It took some time to get things right, but after lots of experimenting they discovered how to create beautiful looking candles that will fill your home with the most delicious smells!

A few of AlightCandleCompany’s signature scents include himalayan cedar & jasmine, sandalwood & myrrh, and a sensual lemon basil & mandarin. Featured in the photograph here is the Himalayan Cedar & Jasmine candle. This candle is characterized by sparkling citrus top notes lead into a heart of exotic jasmine blended with transparent, white florals, cushioned with smooth amber and finished with dry cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla and sheer musks. This candle is 30cl in size and has a burn time of approximately 50 hours!

Explore the luxurious world of AlightCandleCompany on Etsy here-

CyKLu…Botanical and Nature inspired Jewelry


CyKLu on Etsy brings you botanical and nature inspired handmade jewelry beautifully crafted by artist Victoria out of her studio in Athens, Greece. Jewelry is truly Victoria’s passion and the way she can express her creativity. Victoria has studied the process of jewelry making and went through training to become a silversmith. She uses the lost wax technique to create her jewelry. This technique centers around hand sculpting the model in red wax into a particular design which is then used to create the piece of jewelry out of sterling silver. Victoria uses a local casting studio to turn her creations into sterling silver or gold. This is a local casting studio based in Nea Ionia in Athens. This small casting studio consisits of just five that possess a great knowledge about casting and lost wax method. They have a great quality of sterling silver and gold. This is a very interesting and very old method of jewelry making! CyKLu’s jewelry pieces are truly unique pieces of wearable art featuring exhibiting a minimalist and natural look.
Featured above in a nature inspired ring designed by Victoria showcasing tiny seeds in sterling silver. This botanical delicate ring has 8 tiny seeds on a twig ring band. I love the natural, organic feel of this ring. Ideal for everyday wear or for more special occasions like an alternative wedding ring! The finish on this piece is matte, very feminine and unique. Also featured here is the hand sculpted dried poppy pod necklace in Sterling silver. This beautiful and nature inspired pendant of dried poppy pod necklace,hanging from a very unique chain.

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View some of Victoria’s other botanical jewelry in her Etsy shop here!

SandraMartinelliDgns…jewelry perfect for any season! 

Sandra Martinelli Designs on Etsy brings you fun jewelry pieces including earrings, necklaces, and jewelry displays including ring cones and jewelry dishes! 
Sandra Martinelli currently runs her eclectic jewelry shop out of Aptos, California. 

The super cute long tassel necklace featured above is perfect for any season! This tassel necklace drops about 1.25 feet! It is a gold tone, non-tarnish/non-rust, nickel and lead free. I love the pairing of this beautiful agate slice with powder pink genuine leather tassels! 
The little marble clay bowl above is perfect as a small gift for anyone who has jewelry laying around! Sandra can also create custom bowls for you if you have particular colors or designs in mind. These classy marble clay jewelry holders make the perfect bridal party gifts! Your bridesmaids will love them!  💛

The handmade drop earrings featured above are crafted with genuine leather tassels. They are gold plated and lead/nickel free. How fun are these earrings?! Wear these for a fun, boho chic vibe! 💛✌🏻
Browse some of Sandra’s other jewelry designs on Etsy here! 


Metallinx…Handcrafted Metal and Beaded Jewelry!

Metallinx on Etsy brings you a wide range of metalwork, up-cycled antique sterling silverware, wire wrap and beaded jewelry in 14k gold filled, brass, bronze, copper and sterling wire! Shop owner Janell loves spending time in her studio making jewelry in North Atlanta, Georgia.  Her favorite materials to work with include sterling silver, art clay, copper, brass beads and stones. She uses a large torch to make all her metalsmith and up-cycled antique sterling silverware jewelry!

Janell has always been intrigued with how the past ties into the present. As a young girl, she made jewelry with seed beads and never forgot the joy she felt when wearing handmade items. As an adult, she began metal-smithing. Recently she found out that her grandmother metal-smithed on her front porch in Vermont as a young woman. Janell knew her grandmother as a talented oil painter but was even more excited to feel the connection with her once again through the love of metal-smithing. It is Janell’s love of the past that has drawn her to work with antique sterling silverware. One section of her Etsy shop named “Spoon-Up-Memories”has a lovely display of up-cycled sterling silverware made into unique jewelry pieces. Janell’s goal is to create jewelry so each person wearing it feels beautiful and confident.

This heart necklace featured in the photograph here was made from an antique, sterling silver, cocktail fork. Janell sawed the middle section away to look like the inside of a heart. She brought the outside tines to meet in the middle and soldered a sterling chain to drop red, burgundy and pink Swarovski crystals. This pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain with extender.  This necklace is 16″ long and has a 1-1/2″ sterling silver extender. I love the way Janell recreated this cocktail fork into a new work of art! Also featured here are Metallinx’s handcrafted red dangle earrings made with sterling ear wires and white, fresh water pearls. These classy earrings would pair lovely with the heart necklace! Whether you are looking for unique jewelry pieces for yourself or a special gift for a friend, Metallinx has beautiful, handcrafted pieces for you!

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Explore some of the other jewelry pieces at Metallinx on Etsy here!


SilverstoneGoods…Handmade Unique Custom Jewelry pieces made with love

SilverstoneGoods on Etsy brings you beautifully handcrafted silver stone jewelry pieces. Shop owner and jewelry maker Kristina Lis is a 32 year old businesswoman, mother to three kids, and custom jewelry designer that specializes in creating unique, fun, romantic pieces of jewelry. Kristina has been designing jewelry since she was just 15 after she learned how to knit and sew in school. She loves expressing herself through her art, and wants to be known for her unique designs. Etsy allows Kristina a real place to create her magical pieces and display them to the world. She currently runs her jewelry shop out of Haifa, Israel and is proud to offer worldwide shipping. Kristina believes that when picking jewelry to go with your outfit, you should consider just what you would like your jewelry to accomplish. There are so many ways to express yourself and your feelings with the jewelry you choose! Kristina combines only high-quality materials like sterling silver 925, gold-filled 14k, Swarovski crystals, natural pearls and unique gemstones in her designs.

The intricate 3-strand mosaic bracelet featured here is made of a combination of gorgeous black, brown and white banded agate stones. The stones are carefully placed on crystal clear stretch elastic wire. This unique bracelet comes gift wrapped- ready for gift giving. A beautiful piece for a friend or a nice, addition to your own jewelry collection! Also featured here is a 14K Gold filled sterling silver ring adorned with multiple jump rings and a Swarovski clear crystal bead. I love the fact that this ring has so many dangles, giving it a unique bohemian chic vibe! This piece will be sure to draw attention!

Kristina is a strong believer of Astrological Birthstones. For this reason every one of her clients will receive a personalized gemstone and a gemstone significance card with their purchase. Don’t forget to mention your birth date in the comment section when you purchase from her shop so she can include your birthstone!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! SilverstoneGoods is currently running a Spring Sale! Enjoy 20% off full priced items for Mother’s Day. Use can also use the coupon code SPR20 for Free Shipping Worldwide!

Explore some of the other jewelry items available at SilverstoneGoods on Etsy here!

PortraitsByBrian…Custom Hand Drawn Portraits from Your Photos!

PortraitsByBrian is a special Etsy shop that brings you custom hand drawn portraits transformed from your favorite photographs.  Artist and shop owner Brian Romacho is a portrait artist with over 30 years of experience in drawing and painting. His passion and specialty is custom pencil portraits. I have featured a few of my favorite custom hand drawn portraits by Brian below. I think these are truly amazing! Brian really captures the emotions portrayed by each photograph when creating his drawings, carefully incorporating facial expressions and little details to make your piece extra special!

Honor someone you love with a custom hand drawn portrait from Brian! Custom portraits make wonderful gift ideas for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. These custom drawings will make lasting gifts that the recipient will cherish forever! il_570xN.438115439_h7mm



When choosing a photograph for Brian to turn into a custom drawing, high resolution, clear, close-up photos work best so that Brian can easily see and reproduce fine details.  Brian will keep you updated while he is creating your custom piece. He really wants to make you feel as if you are a part of the artistic process! Progress photos of your creation will be sent throughout his creation process!

View some of the other portraits by Brian at his Etsy shop here!

gugagii…Custom Baby Outfits, Blankets and Newborn Photo Props!

Gugagii on Etsy is a place where shop owner Katie loves making unique and beautiful crochet clothes, shoes, photo props for babies, accessories and other cute things! She truly believes that creating beautiful handcrafted items is not possible without putting your heart, positive energy and care into every single detail. Katie loves to create clothes, blankets, toys and accessories for kids because she believes that handmade things have the most positive energy that is so necessary for our little ones. Presenting a loved one or friend with a unique handmade gift made by hand and with utmost care is always a thoughtful sentiment.

Each item from gugagii il_570xN.1138214304_3wljis personally completed and packaged by Katie. She always makes sure the quality of her items and customer service live up to your highest expectations! Some of the items Katie currently crafts include handmade Crochet Baby Photo Props, Newborn Shoes, Crochet Baby Clothes, Sandals and Booties, Baby Shower Gifts, Crochet Baby Headbands and Headband Sets.

Isn’t this little baby bunny the most precious thing ever! This is a handmade baby bunny beanie bonnet and diaper cover set for your baby made of supper soft yarn! This lacy diaper cover with a puffy bunny tail and baby hat will keep your little one cozy and it is perfect as a cute photo prop for baby photo sessions and great as a gift! The baby bunny outfit includes a white bunny bonnet with ears and puffy neck ties and a diaper cover with a tail.

Create beautiful contemporary nil_570xN.1226057313_5pnvewborn photography with this soft textured baby pants and beanie set featured here! Elegant dusty rose color, soft yarn, multi-textured fabric, long beanie braids. This beautify set is made not just for pictures, but will also serve as a comfortable, warm outfit for your newborn. Soft to touch, easy to put on, this stretchy set is great for babies from newborn to 6 months!

Are you looking for the perfect baby gift? There is no better way to show you care than by sending a custom handmade gift to your family and friends! Katie is always happy to help you create the perfect personalized present to meet your needs, whether it is a gift for a new baby, first Christmas gift, pregnancy announcement or any other happy occasion. She will even include a pretty card with your message in the package upon request, doing everything to help you make your gift special!

Follow gugagii on their social media sites to stay updated about new items and promotions!

Instagram: @gugagii
Facebook: facebook.com/gugagiistore
Pinterest: pinterest.com/gugagii/
Twitter: twitter.com/gugagiietsy

Browse some of the other custom baby outfits available at gugagii on Etsy here!



RainbowPegDolls…Pegs dolls created specially for you! 

RainbowPegDolls on Etsy is a quirky little shop offering wooden peg dolls in a variety of custom designs! Shop owner Sophie Lewis loves designing and creating custom peg dolls to fit your needs! She uses non-toxic acrylic paint in her figurines and ensures they are durable so they can be enjoyed as keepsakes for years to come! Sophie currently runs her peg doll workshop out of Athens, Georgia. 

It’s the wedding day for these bride and groom peg dolls! How adorable would it be to have your own mini you and your beau on top of your wedding cake? RainbowPegDolls certainly think so! Use these as cake toppers for your beautiful wedding cake and then keep the little couple for years to come! Your little one can also get lost in their imagination creating the happily-ever-after of weddings with this charming peg doll wedding play set! There are so many uses for these peg dolls! They also make the perfect ‘thank you gift’ for your little flower girl or page boy or place them on your kid’s table to entertain your younger guests. Whether giving it as a gift or keeping it for yourself, this peg doll set will bring joy for years to come!

Sophie loves accepting custom orders and will create you a wedding party peg doll set that specifically matches your wedding color scheme!  

Adult peg dolls are 3 9/16” tall while child peg dolls are around 2” tall. Each peg doll is carefully hand-painted using non-toxic acrylic paint and completely customizable! 

These custom peg dolls would make adorable or wedding anniversary gifts! RainbowPegDolls can also recreate the happy couple from old photos of a wedding. A truly thoughtful and unique gift guaranteed to put a smile on any loved-one’s faces! 

Their hand painted peg doll couples can capture the unique details of your wedding dress and bouquet, a perfect keepsake for you to remember your special day! After the wedding the peg dolls make a gorgeous ornament, or they can be mounted in a shadow box to hang on your wall.

In addition to wedding themed peg dolls RainbowPegDolls also crafts kids peg dolls, animal peg dogs, wooden peg doll tooth fairy boxes, holiday peg dolls and many more!

Browse the peg doll shop on Etsy here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/RainbowPegDolls?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Sunegeiro…handmade gifts you will love!

pEveryone loves browsing through the pages of Etsy for unique, handmade gifts. One Etsy shop in particular has mastered the art of the custom gift creating a wide range of handmade gifts that you will love. Sunegeiro on Etsy brings you custom stainless steel tumblers, home decor items, game day gifts for fans, cuteil_570xN.1222728549_nwb0 gifts for pets, special wedding gifts and much much more! Shop owner Celeste Powers runs her custom gift shop out of Collierville, Tennessee.
These Custom Powder Coated Tumblers come with BPA free lids! The possibilities are endless with these custom tumblers. Design one in the colors of your choice with one of the available tumbler images or a name or monogram! The tumblers are great because they keep your beverage cold- Double wall vacuum insulation with added copper lining between the walls maximizes temperature retention & insulates hands from the cold. Keeps ice for 24+ hours! These cups retain comfortable temperature for you to hold but your drink inside will be either ice cold or piping hot! If a hot drink is more your style, no worries because these tumblers also keep your drink hot! They work great as coffee travel mugs! Can you imagine having your beverage stay warm for up to 6+ hours? Now you can enjoy your hot morning coffee in one of these gorgeous tumblers until lunch time! These are perfect for college students and for taking it to work place. All these cups are powder coated, not il_570xN.1113860391_odi5spray painted, so they are built to last!

Also featured here is one of Sunegeiro’s beautiful lazy susans! A Lazy Susan is a great addition to any kitchen host that loves to entertain. Picking out the perfect house warming gift hasn’t been easier! This would be a great gift for anyone to have in their home. This lazy susan is made out of solid wood and coated with a clear lacquer.
Check out all the other handmade gifts available at Sunegeiro on Etsy here!

LaceyblueBoutique…Find Your Happy Place :)

At LaceyBlueBoutique you will feel a sense of warmth and happiness just browsing this Etsy boutique! LaceyBlueBoutique brings you a variety of uniquely crocheted items including custom crocheted mermaid tails, headbands, tote bags, blankets, scarves, coasters and much more! Shop owner Cara is a vibrant soul who is a passionate teacher by day, and an entrepreneur by night. She loves to crochet, craft and loves being a part of the Etsy community. LaceyBlueBoutique is a great shop to browse for Mother’s Day gift ideas, summer essentials, and just fun, cute things all around!

As Cara’s home and classroom became bombarded with many blankets, scarves, clipboards, and just tons of creations in all shapes and sizes she realized she may need to slow down- Until now where she can share all her creations with the world through Etsy! :). Cara currently runs her crochet shop out of the beautiful city of Valencia, California.
This hand crocheted mermaid tail is so pretty and fun! It is perfect to cozy il_570xN.767407170_ep8i.jpgup in as a little girl or even for us grown ups who just want to be..well…under the sea! Or just put on your mermaid tail to keep warm and snuggle up with a good book just like a snuggie :). These mermaid tails can be made in any color and will be hand crocheted by Cara and shipped out to you within a week! These mermaid tails can be made in any size to fit anyone in your life looking to be a mermaid :).il_570xN.750421123_7xv7-1.jpg

Also featured here is one of LaceyBlueBoutique’s beautifully made crocheted scarf! This is a light scarf that is a perfect yarn to wear on nice warm days to simply add a touch of color and flair to any outfit! This particular scarf is made with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn in a beautiful color called “Sunrise”. It is beautiful and so fun! Cara herself has fallen in love with these scarves and has been making them for herself in every color! You’ll absolutely love the beautiful colors and how light weight this scarf is! It offers flair to any outfit.


LaceyBlueBoutique is currently offering some promotions that you should be sure to take advantage of! Use code “10Lacey” for 10% off your order! OR code “5Wonderful” for $5.00 off your order! Choose whichever code does more for you!

Explore some of the other crocheted gifts available at LaceyBlueBoutique on Etsy here!



SealedWithAKissGift…Hand Crafted and Made with Love <3

SealedWithAKissGift on Etsy is a special Etsy shop that offers a wide variety of pieces that are each hand crafted and made with love! Browsing this shop you will find special keepsakes, seasonal gifts, bridal party gifts, gifts for littles, woodwork and signs, wedding gifts, gifts for mommies, spa and body gil_570xN.918913820_7pz0ifts, craft supplies, gifts for pets, jewelry items, cute tees and much more! What I love about this shop is that any item can be personalized, color changed, or wording added to make it perfect for your special occasion! Shop owner and creator Courtney Hanson runs her custom gift shop out of Auburn Lake Trail, California. She hopes that you will find the perfect treasure when browsing her shop. Courtney strives to make customer service her #1 priority and she loves taking custom orders to personalize any item in her shop to meet your needs! Her amazing *5 star* Etsy rating speaks for itself!

Don’t you just love this cute canvas and mug duo featured here?! This is a perfect gift for that crafty girl or guy in your life! Any artist or crafter will understand how craftiness sure does mean happiness. In this duo you will receive one hand painted coffee mug and one matching mini canvas painting. What a cute combination!


Also featured here are SealedWithAKissGift’s Mama Bear and Baby Bear Tees and Onsies! How cute would these be as baby shower gifts? This is an adorable set for mommy and baby to wear during a mom and baby photo-shoot!

SealedWithAKissGift started in 2010 after Courtney had her son.  She realized how hard it was to find custom things made exactly the way she wanted them so she decided to open a boutique selling just that- custom and one of a kind items! After the birth of her daughter in 2015 she decided to focus her passion into launching her Etsy shop creating a home family business where she could stay home with the children and craft! Every item from SealedWithAKissGift is made with careful attention to detail and pure love with a passion for making people smile! Courtney’s Etsy store has grown into a family passion that each family member contributes to and puts ideas into. Courtney’s husband is the idea and tool man; performing a lot of the wood work while her children provide inspiration, sometimes giving Courtney some of the most clever ideas to create! Choose a gift from SealedWithAKissGift and you know you’ll receive a special handmade item that was crafted with lots of love!

Explore some of the other gift items available at SealedWithAKissGift on Etsy here-

OnlyWillow…keep your memories forever <3

Let OnlyWillow allow you to keep your memories forever with personalized silver jewelry, hand stamped cutlery, and customized wedding gifts, all handcrafted authentically in a special small studio in the United Kingdom! Olivia Willow is the owner and creator at OnlyWillow on Etsy, home to beautifully crafted silver, antique pieces. She loves to create special and meaningful homemade gifts; each of her pieces is either made from scratch or re-purposed with a whole lot of love! il_570xN.1140658095_a5jw

All of her designs are made from either sterling silver, or a range of antique objects. Olivia’s vision for OnlyWillow is for everybody to see the beauty in everyday found objects, and to wear the most unusual of these with pride and love. Olivia loves to capture small notes of love and memories in beautiful personalized pieces.

il_570xN.1008600754_log4Featured in the top photograph here is OnlyWillow’s personalized cake fork. This is such a great wedding gift idea that the bride and groom will always cherish! Picking out the perfect wedding gift can be challenging- OnlyWillow allows for the perfect personalized gift! Also featured here is OnlyWillow’s beautiful silver whale necklace with silver chain. Keep this cute piece for yourself or give it as a unique gift to someone who loves the sea!

Explore some of the other gifts available at OnlyWillow on Etsy here!


gsmcreates…handmade decorative fiber arts!

Gsmcreates on Etsy brings you a unique variety of handmade and handwoven wall hangings, wearables and fiber accessories. Gabrielle Mitchell, shop owner and creator, of Gsmcreates currently runs her fiber art Etsy shop out of her home studio in Brooklyn, New York. Gabi has been doing art virtually all her life growing up in a very artistic family with creative, supportive parents. She recently discovered weaving as an artistic outlet and decided to open up an Etsy shop in hopes of sharing her art and finding loving homes for her fiber creations! A great deal of thought and planning go into each and every Gsmcreates handmade piece making each piece one-of-a-kind! il_570xn-1113468514_1aex

This dreamy ivory, white and gray woven wall hanging featured here is such a beautiful sight to be seen. Only the best fiber was used in this piece, including 100% wool, roving, and silk ribbon. From the color to the texture all the way down to the fringe this piece is filled with amazing details! Add this statement piece to any gallery wall, as an entryway statement or a s a source of monotone color to a bright and vibrant wall. It’s the perfect addition to any space!

Follow gsmcreates on instagram @gsmcreates, Gabi loves to meet people who also share a love of creating! Her Instagram is also a great way to stay up to date on Gsmcreates new fiber designs and any shop updates/promotions!

Explore some of the other decorative fiber art available at GSMcreates on Etsy here!